Why Python Language is the New Favorite of Web Development Companies?

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A name that most of you who are even a little acquainted with technology might know, Python has become the #1 choice of the new-age developers.  

With a number of features, and functionalities to offer at ease;  

Python language has successfully surpassed the ‘wanted’ mark set by various other languages like C++, JavaScript, Kotlin, etc.   What makes it so wanted though?   Are the reasons enough for you to pursue it too?   Let’s check out in the blog below.   Topics we will cover:  

  • About Python
  • Benefits of Python Web Development
  • Disadvantages of Python
  • Python VS Java

About Python Web Development 

Python is an open-source, easy to comprehend language that can host thousands of third party modules, makes use of a number of in-built and community contributed modules for seamless development.  

It was first released in 1991, and currently offers the latest version of Python 3.8.4 for downloads.  

It can work for Progressive Web App Development (both back-end and front-end), and is compatible with all the operating systems like Windows, Mac, Linux, etc.  

Advantages and Disadvantages of Python Web Development 

Python language  

Benefits of Python Web Development 

  • A Hoard of Libraries for all your Data Science & MI Needs 

Python programming offers the largest and the choicest type of libraries like Pandas, SciPy, Numpy, and Matplotlib that can come in handy for your data science jobs.  

Not only does it gain top marks for the vast number of libraries available, but also because it is so easy to get a command over.  

The same goes for machine learning needs.

We need a lot of data to implement machine learning. 

And with Python language we get features like Tensorflow that contain certain predefined MI models to facilitate it.

  • Faster and Steadier Web Development 

The most popular languages for website development like HTML and CSS, can only develop a good frontend website.

While languages like PHP can only alter the backend code.

With JavaScript you get to do both, but with Python, you get to do it better.

Python overcomes various flaws that PHP yet has to. 

One of the main flaws being the security dependency of  PHP.

Due to which the developer has to manually inculcate the security features in a website developed on PHP.

Whereas Python’s frameworks like Flask and Django offer re-integrated security support against cyberattacks and vulnerabilities.

Apart from this, Python windows can also reduce the development time greatly by automating the process of basic solutions integration in a website’s code.

Helping you produce a more stable code, faster.  

  • Highly Flexible and IoT Supportive 

The scalability of Python programming allows users to integrate it with various programming languages like Java and .NET components, C++ libraries, etc.

But the most interesting thing about it is that Python libraries are also compatible with the next big thing of the technology world – IoT .

IoT (internet of things) has a high demand currently and is sure to receive more in the coming years.

Some of the best libraries that one can choose from for IoT development are Panda, NumPy, and Matplotlib.

  • Python Programming as a Scripting Language 

You read it right!

Python language is not just a wonderful programming language, it is a scripting language too.

Which means Python can be used to write code in the script form.

No need for compilation, only direct execution!

The machine will automatically fix the errors during runtime, and once the code is error free, you can run it as many times you want.  

  • GUI Development 

Python web development comes with a unique set of tools that can be used for developing GUI applications as well.

Some of the most popular libraries for GUI development would be PyQt. Jython,and Tinkter.

However these libraries are not ideal for game development (as there are better options available in the market), they can be used to gain substantial knowledge about how things work on the inside. 

Pygame is an internal library for programming python games.

Disadvantages of Python Web Development 

  • High Memory Consumption 

Since Python programming offers flexibility of various data types, it is not good for memory-intensive tasks.

The memory consumption during normal tasks is also very high.  

  • Low Speed 

Python is an incredible language and no less than other programming languages in any terms.

But considering the speed, Python is marginally slower than C++ or C because its execution is done with the help of an interpreter instead of a compiler.

The code in Python windows is executed line by line, which does make it safer but also a bit slower.

Although when it comes to developing certain web applications, it can be observed that Python is actually faster than most other programming languages.  

  • Less- Efficient Mobile Development 

If you are looking for a language that can efficiently produce mobile apps, Python might not be the right one.

Although Python web development is a great choice (since it is an excellent server-side language), it cannot produce impactful mobile apps.  

  • Vulnerable to Execution Errors

Since Python allows developers to write code unanimously till the end, it leaves room for a lot of execution errors.

The errors are only displayed during runtime.  

  • Limited Database Access 


Python’s database access is a bit limited compared to other programming languages. Firms that require a good integration of complex data might find this a barrier.

Python web development

Python Language VS Java 

This war between the two most recognized development languages has been going on for a long time, and that too without any clear winner stated.

But today we are going to make this clearer for you.

One of the biggest differences between these two languages is the way they both handle variables.

While Java is a statically typed language, Python is a dynamically typed one. 

This means that Java will fail to compile the code or file until the errors have been fixed, but Python can run the code and perform checking at the runtime.

1. Which One is Better : Static OR Dynamic Typing? 

There is no size that fits all!

But there are preferences.

According to which, a statically typed language like Java is good for highly experienced developers.

To whom reducing the risk of undetected errors that plague the code matters the most. 

Since when the variables are not explicitly declared before one uses them, it is easier to misspell a variable into and accidentally create a whole new variable.

But for beginners, who have only started trying their hand in the field of development, Python web development would be a better choice.

It can be more productive and aiding when it comes to compilation of codes as it can exclude all the errors automatically in the end.

2. Performance Contrast

Though we have talked about this earlier, it is no harm to say that in terms of speed and performance, Java is a clear winner.

To prove it, many tests like the Debian language benchmarks game – Python 3 VS Java have been performed.

That being said, there are ways where one can implement boosts in the Python language too. 

One of the basic implementations would be CPython.

YouTube, Quora, and Spotify are a few live examples of websites and services that are written in Python and perform incredibly well.

3. Ease of Use 

From the mouth of developers and technical experts themselves, it is known that Python programming is easier to gain a command over.

However, when it concerns the android developers, it becomes more of a liability to gain knowledge about Java.

So if you’re aspiring to be a mobile app developer, it will be better if you walk through the compiling programs, loops, etc of the Java language.

4. Support & Communities 

Since both of the languages are immensely popular, they come backed-up with a large community support.

Java has an age-long, wide community consisting of over 9,000,000 comprising organisations, companies, and individuals.

While Python is considerably a newer language, it has already secured more than 2.4 million users worldwide.

So if you get associated with any of these languages, there will be no issues that shall remain unresolved for a very long time.

5. Whitespace

Python web development uses indentation to separate code into blocks but Java used curly braces in the beginning and end of each class definition and function.

Here indentation brings the advantage of forcing one to type code in a way that is not just easy to understand, but to read as well.

The chances of errors also lessen up due to a missing brace incredibly.

6. The Breakdown 

There is no right answer to this, but we can sure give you some suggestions which will make it easier for you to choose the language perfect for your needs. Since the ‘right’ language will depend on what you want to achieve or accomplish with it, here are some of the expert tips that will help you select Python windows or Java for your next project.

Python is a Good Choice if:- Java is a Better Choice if:-
You are into data science, or working in the field which is more related to it. You want to head into the field on android development.
You are a beginner in development and programming and are looking for an easy to comprehend yet popular language. You want to develop video games.
Your field requires a more indulgence or intervention of artificial intelligence or machine learning. You are into cross-platform application development.
You are in search of a DevOps scripting language. For backend solutions of large enterprises and corporate offices.


The reasons to learn Python are many, and one can only crave to learn or opt for it. The disadvantages are comparatively very low, and can be ignored if one is looking for a power-packed and breezy web development If you are looking for a professional python web development company to do the hard-work for you, consider Ads N Url – The No.1 Web/Mobile App Development Company in Delhi. We have got the best tools and toolsman to provide you with impeccable solutions digitally.

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