Why Flutter Development Has Become The “Talk-of-the-Town” in 2020?

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Because Flutter is amazing! With 2.7 million apps in Google Play Store and 1.84 Million apps in Apple’s app store, it is clear that to make an APPeal, a business needs to have a presence on mobile. A feature-rich, well engaging and standout business app is beneficial to enhance brand recognition and engage the audience to a greater extent. Owing to ongoing technological advancements, the road to app development has become smoother and no longer requires developers to toil hard to build different versions of a native mobile app so that it works seamlessly on different mobile platforms. Apart from brainstorming how the app will operate and what resources will be required, it is important to figure out the right development technology that will serve your needs the best. One such amazing development technology is Google-backed Flutter. Flutter app development is setting a new trend in 2020. This blog revolves around the reasons why every app developer should consider Flutter to build light, visually attractive and user-friendly application for both Android and iOS mobile platforms. But first things first.

What is Flutter Development?

Build Beautiful Native Apps in Record Time Flutter is an open-source, cross-platform toolkit. It uses Dart as a programming language instead of JavaScript and can be used to develop apps for Android, iOS, as well as for Google Fuchsia. This facilitates quick and effective analysis, fabricates UIs, includes highlights and fixes bugs in no time. It is the trending cross-platform mobile application development technology that has its own graphics engine (Skia). This google-backed framework has two sets of widgets – Material Design Widgets for Google’s design and Cupertino Widgets for Apple’s design. Alibaba, Google, Google Ads and Tencent are some of the popular apps made with flutter development.

What all makes Google’s Flutter ‘the next big thing’ Cross-Platform Tool?

Flutter was launched with the sole objective to meet the ever-changing landscape of mobile app development that was missing in the previous cross-platform development technologies. Wondering what makes flutter mobile development a pleasant and flexible framework to work

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Top 5 Hack To Choose Flutter App Development

1. Backed by GOOGLE

Google, ‘bas naam hi kaafi h’, holds the honour of being highly credible. Flutter is Google’s UI kit for creating comprehensive native cross-platform applications following a single code base. Google offers an enhanced user experience (UX) through the power of Flutter. The technology came out of nowhere, overtook React and since then, there has been no stopping in the rise of Flutter Development. With Flutter, Google has created a technology that is happily embraced by both developers and flutter app development company. Therefore, this is a win-win situation for everyone involved.

2. Faster Code Writing with Hot Reloading

The Dart language for Flutter app development is designed to offer higher optimization of the developed user interfaces (UIs). It has a clean structure which makes it powerful to build the application as well as keeping up with the standards, ease of maintenance, coding and much more. Furthermore, native codes of Flutter along with ‘Hot Reloading’ or ‘Hot Restart’ features allow the developers to modify the code within seconds. This, in turn, increases the developers’ productivity manifolds. Also, since it has a rich set of in-built widgets, customization of the flutter app development becomes far easier and can be done in no time. With that said, flutter development offers easiness, fixes bugs and provide the developers with the ease of experimenting with the app’s look without compromising on anything.

3. Easy to Learn

Flutter uses the in-house language of Google, Dart, which is a single-source and general-purpose language. Any developer with the knowledge of Object-oriented programming languages, such as C++ and Java can have an expertise over the Dart language. According to the reviews by the flutter development company, the majority of developers prefer using Dart to develop flutter applications since it uses a reactive framework. This feature allows easy handling of both front end and back end at a single place. Flutter is widely used for developing web, server and desktops apps as well.

4. Multiple IDE (Integrated Development Environment) Support

From basic to highly complex, Flutter app development has become the most appropriate choice for the developers. Why so? It offers continued support for different integrated development environments (IDEs) and offers ease to the developers when it comes to flutter development. Flutter can easily access IDEs like Android Studio, VC Code, among others.

5. Perfect for Creating the MVP App

A Minimal Viable Product (MVP) is one of the most efficient approaches to validate a mobile application. It minimizes the chances of failures, as you get the feedback and the needs of your customers in the initial stage only. Given its high speed, unique framework, flexible UI and ease of integration, Flutter has become the most preferred choice to create a mobile MVP.

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Concluding Up

Flutter development brought a revolution the moment it stepped into the market. Flutter offers so many advantages for businesses. It’s become the most preferred choice to build high-performance, seamless and beautiful mobile apps in limited time within a limited budget. Especially if you want to get an app for both iOS and Android, flutter mobile development is the ultimate solution. Are you looking for a Flutter app development company? Ads N Url is one of the trusted Flutter app development companies in India. Our expert coders will build you an app that is delightful, has expressive UI and works with all devices. Have an app idea? Talk to us. Let’s create something amazing together.

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