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What’s there if there’s no communication? It’s all that’s brought humanity closer. But with changing times, forms of communication has transformed too. The digital age has given rise to email sending services and email marketing services for business communication.Email marketing services are not only safe passages for confidential and private business communications but are also a very time-saving and convenient methods for textual, imagery and PDF type transmission.If we are to go by statistics, more than 72% people prefer business communication via emails. This further reinforces the obligation of doing it right. Even though you might already be having an email blast service associated with your business website, are you sure you are doing it right? As per the surveys, over 60% of marketers are said to believe that the biggest source of their ROI is through email newsletter service. But if you are not able to say the same, something must not be right!

Email Marketing

Maximize Your Business Through Email Marketing Services

Go through some commonly ignored steps and optimum email marketing solutions to maximize your business growth opportunities.

1. Not Professional Enough

Any business related mail must look the part too. Not too hideous with overly done decorative stuff and neither too plain that doesn’t pique the interest of the receiver at all. Striking the perfect balance to achieve the optimum layout is of utmost importance. This can be achieved by following few simple steps:
  • Avoiding stock images as much as possible
  • Cross-checking for correct use of language and grammar
  • Including only relevant attachments
  • Including the company logo

2. First impression is the Last impression

Making a good first impression as we all know is vital. This can be achieved by sending a welcoming email as soon as a visitor decides to become a subscriber.According to surveys, most people are to check out the first business email since even they need a confirmation and acknowledgement of their actions. Not tapping into that little detail might cost you the interest of lots of users. This can be achieved by following few simple steps:
  • Make it personal ( include the name and details of the user instead of dear user)
  • Include the details of upcoming sales and deals for joiners to heighten their interest.
  • Do include a brief intro about your business and what you offer

3. Catch the eyes with Call to Action

Call to action not just grabs the attention but also makes the user aware about what to do. Including no or rather vague call to action may put a user through a lot of guesswork. Feeling confused, they might just decide to take a u-turn. Here what you can do:
  • Highlight the CTAs in bold and bright colors
  • Place them strategically all along you email
  • Make sure the email marketing company use it appropriate number of times in accordance to the total words

4. Drip Campaigns to the rescue!

It takes less than a minute for a user to unsubscribe. So be careful about not playing around with the advantage of having them as a subscriber now.Make sure you don’t overdo your email sending service. It can be annoying. To combat this, you can bring drip campaigns into use. This would help you manage the frequency of your emails better and send them on a stipulated time. Some things you can keep in mind while doing this are:
  • Focused content is the best
  • Follow up your promises
  • Send weekly updates

5. Mobile Users must be your Top Consideration

To master the art and to become one of the best email marketing services businesses, you need to tap into the widest base of potential users. In this case, the mobile users. With about 55% of mobile accessing of email blast service, if your mails are not modified or optimized according to the mobile interface or are inconvenient to go through by mobiles, you will eventually lose a lot of users. Some of the points to be noted are:
  • Keep your images under 600 pixels
  • Make sure you engage an email marketing company that provides responsive email design
  • Keep spacing and buttons clear to tap
Avoiding these blunders and bringing these tips in use will surely help you do away with best email marketing campaigns. Although this is one of the defining factors, you also need to make sure you engage with a company that provides good SEO content writing and link building services for a perfect layout.Ads and Url takes care of all these web requirements and necessities and provide you with best email marketing solutions to give a catalytic boost too your business.

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