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According to the Top 30 PWAs report, it is observed that the average conversion rates of Progressive Web Development are 36% greater than the native apps. The reason being PWA provides a better user experience along with the mobile look and vibe. 

Progressive Web Applications are conquering the digital world. It all began around 2015. Renowned companies like Twitter, Makemytrip, OLX, Trivago experienced improved customer engagement with the adoption of PWA to their business.

In this blog, we are going to talk about the most constructive framework for setting up PWA effectively. It will guide to generate more revenues with its responsive nature and customer-friendly features. 

Top 5 Progressive Web Development Tools And Frameworks in 2021

  • AngularJS – This framework is the most mature PWA tool in the market that was launched in 2010. It is primarily maintained by Google and all the ongoing maintenance is seen here. 

Being the oldest framework, it has the largest community support among all other PWA frameworks. Angular 5 was released in 2017 by Google. It is the very first version that supported PWA along with a dedicated script. Moreover, AngularJS is a javascript framework that is equipped with ultimate well-defined techniques and developed methodology. Although it has one of the shortcomings that it is complex to comprehend and tangibly more complicated, so you can go for tools like Polymer or React that comes with reusable components. 

  • Ionic.js – Ionic.Js is one of the oldest PWA tools in the market that uses front-end technologies like CSS, HTML, javascript, and Angular for the development of applications.

 It is an open-source SDK with over 5 million applications developed using it. The growing fame is because of its wide range of integrations plugins and capabilities. Also, this tool is easy to comprehend which makes it convenient for front-end developers to grasp the knowledge and select between the different frameworks that it supports. Ionic.js provides you with a considerable choice of quick prototyping and UI elements. It renders a rich PWA toolkit including UI components, pre-built routing, and unit tests.

  • React.js – This framework was developed and released by Facebook in 2013. It is an open-source Javascript library that is used for making one-page or mobile applications. 

With the use of additional Javascript libraries like GatsbyJS and NextJS, you can produce server-side and client-side API interactions, rendered pages, and Routing. This tool is part of a vast community and has several top-notch profiles including Instagram, Whatsapp, Facebook, and Twitter light. It has been observed that the businesses who use React.js compared to other tools are more effective and better in performance. As it delivers better UI and a faster app experience.  

  • Polymer.js- Polymer.js is an open-source javascript framework that is developed by Google in 2015. By using languages such as HTML, CSS, and Javascript, you can create your custom elements. 

Being a google developing framework, it imparts cross-browser compatible applications together with the web components. It makes use of Google material design for hybrid mobile application development. It is known for its structured designed process that allows for an interoperable “lego block” structure.

  • Vue.js-  Last but not least is Vue.Js. It is a progressive framework for Javascript that is quite trendy in the market. It is because of its easy coding and rendering feature. 

Big brands like Laravel and Alibaba use Vue.JS. It has helped them in getting more customer engagements leading to boosting up sales. This PWA tool helps in building one-page applications and web-interfaces. Since this PWA is easy to understand, it provides clear and detailed documentation. The striking feature of this tool that it is more structured in comparison to other PWA tools in the market. It ensures the reduction in project duration and overtime. 

Conclusion : Now that we have discussed the top frameworks for building progressive web apps, the bottom line is that selection of a framework is the most deciding step for any PWA project. Even if takes quite a time in choosing the tool, it is still worth it in the end.

PWA apps are still evolving and developing at a speedy rate. So, make sure you invest in an effective framework that boosts the app-like experience by adopting web technologies. 

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