Why Swift 5 Brings Fortune For Startups and Enterprises?



Reshares and Likes

3 Apples changed the world

#1 The apple of knowledge that Eve plucked

#2 – The apple that dropped on Newton’s head

#3 – The half-bitten apple logo on your phone’s back (iPhone/iPad/mac)

Since its invention, Apple’s graph has only seen an upward curve. 

Why? What has it done that is so different?

We have always come across the idiom that ‘If it’s strong down to the roots, it ought to be stronger when it grows’. 

And the programming language is the foundation of any application or website.

This is exactly where Apple differs from the rest of the website and mobile development companies.

In this blog, we are going to talk about the revolutionary language Swift 5 that brought in more definition to Apple’s coding and production.

We are also going to talk about what new capabilities Swift 5 consists of.


  • Is Swift 5 better than objective C?
  • To which businesses Swift 5 is not a good choice?
  • How can Swift 5 benefit businesses and entrepreneurs?


Let’s Talk

Swift 5 was finally brought to brighten up the modern world of technology back in April 2019. 

Currently, it is one of the top 10 most popular languages for programming in the world.

7 Reasons That Makes Swift 5 a Popular Choice Among Businesses?

Inspired by a lot of famous programming languages like Ruby, Python, Objective C, and C#, Swift 5 has successfully come out as a powerful successor to them. It is going to work as a complete package for small to large scale businesses.

1. Incredibly Easy to Master

Swift 5 is an extremely well-structured language that even beginners can master. It uses fewer lines of code than other languages to put out the same result.

2. Minimizes the Load Times

Reduced app sizes help them download and load faster on devices. 

With an already integrated database of Swift libraries in every operating system such as tvOS, iOS, macOS and watchOS, the apps barely require heavy coding.

This eventually makes the production and download of new apps faster, easier and smoother.

3. Safer than a Safehouse

An end to a developers’ woes, the built-in memory manager, and the compiler will perform memory management.

The smart new compiler would also know the variable type being used so it can automatically reduce the number of flagged errors in the code.

What’s even better is that the new Swift 5 allows developers to test portions of their code from time to time before they finally commit to building it.

4. Extraordinary ABI Stability

The feature that was missing on the predecessors of the Swift language, Swift 5 now comes with an extensive ABI stability.

This stability allows the apps developed on Swift 5’s code to run smoothly as ever on the future versions of Swift.

With Swift 5, the binary compatibility between libraries and apps has been compiled for different versions of Swift already.

5. Migratory Benefits

Source compatible with Swit 4, 4.1 and 4.2 (built-in code migrator XCode 10.2), Swift 5 can automatically handle the majority of the source changes.

6. Less Crash and Burns, Flawless End-User Experience

Apps built with Swift 5 are faster, more stable and smoother to run. They crash a lot less and use lesser of your device’s memory, everything that an end-user loves!

7. Better User Experience

Developers can now have shorter feedback loops during design, usability and testing cycles since Swift 5 enables rapid prototyping.

Swift 5 VS Objective-C

In a case study done on iPhone 7 with iOS 10.3 simulator (where a similar environment could be put up for Swift 5 and Objective-C), following were the results:

Pros of Swift 5:

  • Swift allows the developer to create lightweight and flexible classes that contain exactly the thing they want.

For example, if they want to print a description, they can implement the Custom Debug Description protocol or if they want to compare they can implement Comparable.

  • Swift has a stockpile of cool advantages like strong typing, memory management, generics, inheritance rules, and protocols. 

In protocol functionality specifically, one can even create a code using Protocol-Oriented Programming.

  • Swift is more readable and cleaner than Objective-C. Few modules can eliminate class prefixes too. The number of files per project is also half with an understandable closure syntax.

Downside of Swift 5:

  • Swift is relatively a younger language. It is bound to change. 

Gone through a lot of painful transitions although, Swift 5, with its fifth version, has become a more refined language with a better ABI stability. 

  • Swift compiles code a bit slower than Objective-C.

  • The LLVM compiler at times provides confusing and misleading errors, especially while implementing generics.

What types of Businesses Must Stay Clear of Swift 5?

The language is undoubtedly a good one for commercial purposes or projects of any sort that has to do with iOS development of any size. 

Nowadays, you can hardly find a company that has to deal with Apple’s software that prefers Objective-C to Swift. 

The only exception that comes to mind is the enterprises that have to maintain a legacy code.

Although it takes more than to develop an app using Objective-C than Swift, some just prefer to go through often debugging and strict typing code more.

According to a 2018 survey, it came to be known that 70% of downloads for apps were made for the Android platform in comparison to 30% of the downloads on the iOS platform.

Whereas, in terms of revenue, the App store generates approximately twice the yearly spend from users in comparison to Google play users.

So, focusing on Apple or iOS development can be a big turn-around point for companies.

What Deal do Businesses Cut with the Application of Swift 5 Apps?

Well, we shall answer this with a few live examples.

  • Twitter was brought to Apple watch via an app named Chirp. It initially came with a size of 28.8 MB (this included the size of Swift libraries that made for 11.6 MB of space).

When updates via Swift 5, the size was cut down to a whopping 30% bringing the total size down to 20MB.

  • Another app Apollo for Reddit was launched with a size of 35.7 MB where 7.5 MB constituted the Swift libraries. Updated via Swift 5, the size was cut down to 30 MB.

You might have got the idea of what we are trying to portray here.

The apps developed through Swift 5 are faster, smaller and perform much better. You get a free hand from app glitches and freezing (which is one of the main reasons for app uninstallations per se). 


All we can say is yes, it would be a better calling if you get your apps re-written in Swift 5 if you have a knack for iOS app development.

Companies all around the world have already started jumping off to the Swift 5 bandwagon.

However, developing great apps need a development partner that has experience, vision and a capability to build them without errors. 

Ads and Url has many such app development experiences that can help you and your company turn their dreams into ideas and ideas into innovation that drives sales and boosts conversions.

To know more, keep reading our blogs.

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