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We enable businesses to prosper because blockchain can radically change fortunes and galvanise revenue growth. tech.


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Lead the decentralization with disruptive

Blockchain app development services

We’ve pioneered the mobile app platform by bringing everyone face-to- face with the insurmountable benefits of Decentralization. Tinkering with Blockchain helps us to provide suitable solutions to uplift your businesses.

From the initiation of a Smart Contract and Cryptocurrencies to helping start-ups raise and ICO, we’re fluent and never disappoint.

We pave the way for others, as a leading Blockchain app developing

company possessing in-depth grasp and expertise over

how to leverage it for making better apps.


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Bringing back the age old ride hauling security to modern cabs system.


Increase In app download


Increase In app download

Bringing back the age old ride hauling security to modern cabs system.


Increase In app download


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Make DApps a part of your business reality

We know how to unleash the humongous potential of blockchain and we do so, to forge just the best for you.


Building an MVP

Knowing the platform and market, helps us to know where we’re treading before launching a DApp MVP.


Small Contracts Development

Making the business environment devoid of risks and complications, our developers create accurate smart contracts..


End-to-End DApp solutions

Total management of your DApp from the idea initiation to market injection.


IEO/ICO Services

Making your idea investor-worthy, crypto-currency generation, developing White Papers and promoting IEO/ICO – we do it all.


Crypto Wallet/Exchange

Making exchange and storage of crypto-currencies onboard, secure and un-hackable.


Crypto Wallet/Exchange

Interfaces that add customer interactions with business logic.

Our Technical Stack



The User Interface which combines customer interactions with business logic

Multi-faceted approach towards making blockchain integration a cakewalk for your brand






Let us help you scale

that hockey stick growth.

Our Industry leading research oriented approach takes away all hurdles of your product planning.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Blockchain has multiple business applications that include smart contract clause, cloud storage facility, proof-of-provenance, crypto-payments and electronic-voting.
It varies a lot with respect to how complex the app is, the interacting stakeholder count, industry compliances etc. Our team can help you get a rough estimate.
Robust data security, lightning-fast transactions, automation and higher transparency make Blockchain a more than worthy investment.
Blockchain has radically altered the scenario of mobile app industry by bringing more secure environments into the fray, improving ROI, penetrating remote areas, safeguarding digital info and the system from errors/bugs.
You’ve got a lot of options like Hedera Hashgraph, R3 Corda, Multichain, Hyperledger, Ethereum, EOS and NEM.


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Bringing back the old ride hauling security to
modern cabs.

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