Rookie Mistakes that Can Adversely Affect Facebook Marketing



Reshares and Likes

There is no particular way to follow. Different types of businesses have different techniques that work for them. But we can definitely tell you which facebook marketing route needs to be avoided for sure. 

No one likes to fail. Rather, failure is a horrendous word to many. That too, especially in the case of Facebook advertisers.

Why? With a lesser chance to prove oneself as stricter guides follow the platform misuse of Facebook, failing to adhere to them can prove to be tolling. 

Of course, with great power comes greater responsibilities. Facebook ads have a great targeting power but they are far from being beginner-friendly. The enormous range of ad-options gets the best of them confused. To some extent, it is viable to get their hands dirty when learning. But being pre-informed about some common mistakes can work wonders. 

So without further ado, let’s dive into the pool of common mistakes that you should be avoiding in Facebook advertising.

Getting your Objectives Right for Facebook Marketing

No by objectives we don’t mean your goals and ideals. 

Facebook has a set of 11 objectives to choose from. Every single objective focuses on a particular goal designed for your campaign.

It can range from the choice to make your customers install an app, buy products from an e-commerce store or just provide the contact information.

For each of these specific goals, there comes a Facebook objective that you must choose.

Choosing it right is vital to the success of the campaign as it determines the results of your ads. Moreover, choosing the wrong one shall only result in the wastage of time and money as the results will be undesired.

Rightful Spending

What we mean by rightful spending is, setting the budget right. One of the most common mistakes that a rookie makes is setting the bar too low. 

Saving money is a good idea, but not in the case where your business is on the line. If you’re not hitting your business goals, all of the little money that you spend shall go to waste too. 

Moreover, super-cheap social media marketing companies are on the rise everywhere you lay your eyes on. And your giddiness will definitely push you to try them. But the question you need to ask yourself at that time is, is there really any value to such a low budget marketing?

Wrong Bidding and Ad Delivery Optimization

The bidding strategy lets Facebook analyze what actions you actually want to be charged for. Choosing the right one is a way of staying true to your set budget.

For example, you may want to be charged for each click on your advertisement or every view of your videos or every app installation that takes place.

The bidding strategy and optimization rely greatly upon the objective you choose for facebook marketing.

Let’s say for example you want to choose the link click bidding strategy to pay only for the clicks that lead to the app download. Or for an app installs objective you can choose app installs to deliver optimization.

That Urge to DIY

DIYing up to a limit is okay. But knowing when to stop is the point of utmost importance. 

Going after solutions rather than trends and hype shall help you reach your business goals better.

Rather than spending the time on DIYing the technicalities, you can work on the connections. 

Find the right connections, right people and the right agency to handle the technicalities and focus on nothing but your business goals.

Hitting the Refresh Button Less Often

No one likes oldies. Everyone likes the breath of fresh air. This means that pushing that same ad creative to a visitor’s view can bore them.

The key is to refresh the ad creatives regularly (at least every two weeks) to keep your visitors interested. 

It definitely would take up some time and investment but it’s necessary and also worth it.

When your social media marketing hits ad fatigue, you will witness a significant drop in frequency, returns and conversions and a rise in the costs.

So how can you regularly refresh creatives without breaking your bank? Check out quick solutions below:

Edit Image

  • Add or remove the brand logo
  • Add stickers, filters, backgrounds and other effects to the existing ones
  • Turn the existing photos into gifs

Revise Copy

  • Switch the voice (from first to a third person or vice-versa)
  • Change the CTA verbiage
  • Change statements into questions 
  • Remove or add emojis, brand name, details, etc.

 Ad Formats

Switch between different ad formats that Facebook offers 

  • Time is of Essence

Patience, as we have learned, is one of the finest virtues. While you have jumbled it over the years, give the hired agency some time to unravel it. 

One should understand, building a company, building a name, takes time. Pay per click marketing, especially that of Facebook, requires mastery of data-driven science. 

The e-commerce giant, Amazon, started with nothing but a small warehouse some parts unknown. Times changes, and so did Amazon.

  • A Surprise Test!

Have you ever known where you are lacking before an uncalled test paper came in front of you in school times? 

That’s right. Not testing something can only give out discouraging results.

Trying different methods and keeping an eye out to see which element or version works the best for you and your business is vital.

For example, A/B tests can reveal which image of the two helped your ad perform better than the other. Or maybe which call to action between ‘shop now’ and ‘learn more’ led to more leads.

The more you test the closer you are to an ideal Facebook ad campaign.

Concluding Thoughts?

There are a lot of things you can learn over time. These can help you perfect the art of a Facebook ad campaign. Things like policy-related mistakes, display of offensive, sexual or inappropriate content, third-party infringement, etc can also take a toll on your page. 

It is advised to go through the complete list of instructions laid down by Facebook before jumping into the publishment of any advertisement.

You can also discuss your project with us or learn more about Facebook marketing from the professionals at Ads and Url. Only when you are satisfied, you can plan to hand over your precious business project to us. We guarantee its safety and progress.

For more tips, stay tuned for more such blogs.

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