Is Flutter Development the Right Choice for Mobile Apps?

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Reshares and Likes

There’s a different ring to every mobile application out there.

Something that the web version can’t provide.

Be it the customization of choices, or the integration of mobile-based features in the app, mobile apps have come a long way.

Currently, there are about 4 million apps up for downloads, out of which 90,000 apps on the Google play store alone are a product of Flutter.

Interestingly, a lot of top apps like Google Ads, PostMuse, and Meeve are developed over the Flutter framework. 

What made developers choose this framework? Is it really worth it?

We’ll know all about it in seconds.

About Flattering Flutter 

Flutter is an open-source, cross-platform, Google mobile app SDK with a complete range of tools, widget, and framework that allows developers to fabricate speedy and visually appealing mobile applications for both iOS and Android devices.  

A tough competitor to React-Native app development, the Dart-based language is quickly gaining popularity among developers as it’s easier to understand and gain command over.

The language features a rich range of widgets that help customize app designs and put up speedy and beautifully engaging apps.

Flutter development

Latest News on Flutter Development 

The latest SDK version of Flutter is Flutter 1.20 which was released on 5th August, 2020.

The improvements following this update are as follows:

    • Performance Improvements – Google did a fix on tree-shake icons for non-web apps which aims at reducing the size of the app considerably.

    • For apps with bad animation that could result in a shady compilation, the integration of Skia Shading Language Shader Warm Up has been done. It reduces the impact of a shader compilation upto 2 times.

    • In case of web-based benchmarks, the performance of mouse hit testing has been improved by 15x. As a result, Google will be able to include mouse cursor support in the upcoming widgets.

    • Support for text autofill has now been provided by Google. The feature was a highly demanded one among developers.

    • Speed and decoding time of Dart UTF-8 decoder has also been enhanced. For Chinese text the percentage has increased up to 400%, and for English about 200% on the low-end ARM devices.

    • A new visual studio code extension has been added where developers can integrate the Dart DevTools directly into the code workplace with the dart.preview Embedded Dev Tools setting.

    • With Flutter 1.20 developers can now use all the interactive elements like pan, drop, zoon, etc. in their apps.

    • An updated network page is also now made available in Dart DevTools with the help of web socket profiling.

    • New widgets additions – Updated slider, TimePicker, Rangeslider, DataPicker.

    • Quickly, now let’s go through the pros and cons of this language.

      Advantages & Disadvantages of Flutter in a Flutter Development Company 

      Advantages of Using Flutter in a Flutter Development Company 

      Other than the basics like providing a lightning fast speed in the process of mobile app development, Flutter app development has been seen reducing the cost of production and quite useful in building apps with an interactive UI along with smooth animations.  

      • Bold Designs that Users will Love


      With Flutter it is easy to create or customize the widgets right according to your preferences.

      From painting and effects, to Cupertino widgets, styling, text, async, and material design, there are widgets for all!  

      • Speedy Code Writing & Editing 


      A faster code writing is the dream of every developer out there. These dreams seem fuller with the launch of Flutter development.

      Now one can make changes in the code and see them directly in the app!

      How cool is that?

      In about a matter of seconds, actually milliseconds, the Hot Reload helps you add features, fix bugs, put out anything that’s not working and thereby experiment faster!  

      • A Common UI 


      As long as you have a smart device, you won’t have to worry about the UI hitting differently on every platform.

      With Flutter development, there are no additional or hidden costs for supporting older devices. Android jelly bean or iOS 8 and newer, it’s all the same and better.  

      • Awesome for MVP Development 


      For those desperate times where you have only a few hours to show an MVP to your client, Flutter app development company may come in handy.

      With its speedier development and Hot Reload feature, the app can help you amaze people in a considerably shorter period of time.  

      • Codebase 


      As we discussed, the language is a cross-platform one where one code can work on both the platforms with the help of codebase.

      And because it has its own set of designs and widgets, it becomes easier to design apps for different platforms.  

      • Less of Testing 


      Since the language uses codebase, the developers have to write a code only once for both android and iOS platforms.

      What’s even better is that QA analysts have to put in less effort as they also need to check the code only once.  

      • Cut-Crap Apps 


      Flutter apps are not just fast, they are smooth and work without hanging.

      The point lies within the technicalities of how this language works which makes it so less cumbersome.

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      Disadvantages of Flutter Development 

      To even the greatest things in the world, there are some shortcomings.

      The question lies whether these shortcomings are more dominating than the positives of the same.

      In any case, let’s find out.  

      • Not So Rich Libraries for Native Development 


      The support that Google offers for Flutter is exemplary and it sure has laden it with a number of useful libraries to work with.

      But are they enough?

      Flutter is considerably a very new language in respect to the others be it Java, PHP, etc. This makes it harder to find all the libraries that a Flutter App Development Company might be looking for.

      Which in turn means that the developer would have to put in the hard work and consider them building on their own, which no doubt, is time consuming.

      However, it is also to be seen that the language is improved considerably from its earlier versions and establishing more stability with time.

      For betterment, the Flutter team is putting in a lot of efforts to provide support to the users at their end by frequently solving the queries.

      • Integration Support for Flutter Web Development 

      Flutter has touched stability with its 1.17 version.

      But is still not supported by a variety of CI platforms like Jenkins.

      This can prove to be troublesome when trying to achieve automatic testing, building, and deployment.

      However, this can be ignored with the usage and maintenance of customer scripts.

      Is Flutter App Development Worth It? 

      Let’s put it to an end. Here are a few cases which can be considered to render if or not Flutter development is the right solution for you.

      • In case you want to develop apps that connect to other hardware through bluetooth connectivity, you can use Flutter to build apps separately for both Android and iOS and then add them to the main app channel. In which cases it makes it hard to say whether it will cost more time in developing two different native apps altogether.

      • You can also consider making both the apps at the same time using plugin – FlutterBlue. But the question whether it’s a better choice remains as currently there are more than 200 opened and 36 pending issue requests for the same on Github repository. The less risky option in which case would be BLE.

      • Flutter Apps are bigger than the native apps even when optimized. So if you are looking forward to developing progressive web apps or instant apps, the overhead can vary from around 20 megabytes depending on the fact whether it is a development build or a release.

      • Again, as we discussed somewhere above, there are a lot of rare and specific native libraries that still need to be integrated in the language. And if the developers decide to do the hard work themselves, then the compromise on the time aspect can be tolling for some.

      As far as choosing the language for learning is concerned, we believe that it carries a lot of potential which can be used to unlock great things in the future.

      So if you are looking forward to learning or opting for a course in Flutter, we say you must go ahead!

      Other than the advantages of it being easy and fast, Flutter also offers quick compilation and maximum productivity along with a good documentation and exclusively good features for a startup’s MVP development.


      We give Flutter a thumbs up as it involves greater advantages than risks for most of the businesses and development.

      Not only does it offer the chance for a smooth and beautiful UI development, but high on performance and stability mobile apps that fit custom needs and requirements.

      As a cross-platform app, it is great to consider Flutter app development if you are looking to build an app for both iOS and Android platforms.

      With a much stable version now available up for grabs, you can push start your development venture up to the fullest with Flutter 1.20.

      Impressed and looking for the best Flutter app development company for your business app development, Ads N Url is here to help you.

      For any further information or clearance regarding topics stated in the blog, write to us below in the comments section. We love to interact!

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