iOS App Development Updates – What’s new in iOS 13.6?

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Apple announced the earliest iOS 13 update back in 2019 at the Worldwide Developers Conference.

But the iOS app development craze is still lingering strong in 2020 with its subsequent improvements.

We got to witness a number of facets like Dark Mode, faster processing, quickpath keyboard, and bug fixes, etc. in the previous updates. 

And yet again, Apple comes with the new beast in the town, i.e  iOS 13.6.

The flag bearing update introduces as many as 29 security fixes, and a bucket load of cool new features that are sure to throb the hearts of iphone and ipad users.

Let’s discuss in detail how the current best version is ruling the media space with its sharp additions.

As reported on 22 June 2020, iOS 13 will be succeeded by iOS 14 in the fall of 2020.

What’s New in iOS 13.6 – Is iOS Better than Android? 

What is said to be the biggest breakthrough of all the prior updates under the hood of iOS 13, iOS 13.6 stands as the 14th and the last update before iOS 14 is released.

This update shall work well in all the future endeavours of iOS app development.

What we get to see here is some added support for audio stories for Apple News+ (US only), support for digital car keys, new symptoms category, bug fixes, and improvements.

1. Audio Stories for Apple News+ 

Now you can listen to the news like a podcast. 

With Apple news introducing audio stories, you can access the all new and exclusive Apple News Today programme and listen to the best reads.

To access it, all you need to do is subscribe to Apple News+ in the regular old-fashioned manner.

The stories can also be personalized as per your genres of liking in the daily newsletter.

Staying updated while being behind the wheels is also possible with CarPlay which allows for easy sync with the programme.

Bad news for iOS users outside the US though. iOS app development companies in India and other parts of the world will have to wait for it.

The feature is currently available for the Apple users residing in the US only.

Local and community news is also up for grabs with extensive coverage of certain areas like Los Angeles, Houston, San Francisco, New York City, and the Bay Area.

Hopefully, the same will be at hand for all soon.

2. Digital Car Keys 

  ios app development company

Although Apple first indicated that CarKey will be a part of iOS 14 update, it is here early! iOS app development is going to be more exciting with this. 

If you drive a BMW, you would know how smooth a drive it is. 

But it can now be smoother if you own an Apple phone.

With a digital car key you can now lock, unlock, and start the engine of your car with an iPhone.

You can also securely remove and share the digital key for a compatible car through your mobile device.

What’s more exciting is the power reserve feature that lets you unlock or start for 5 additional hours even when your phone has run out of juice.

Shareable with upto 5 people via iMessage, the digital key can come in handy for families who share a car.

Configuring your shared keys as per specific driver profiles allowing or disallowing for full-control is also a possibility. Note: This feature is currently only limited to BMW cars (series 1-6, X5, X5M, X6, X6M, X7, and Z4, manufactured on and after 1st July, 2020. 

3. Health Update – iOS Development Tools 

With the Coronavirus situation at hand, Apple has taken a step forward to revolutionize the identification and testing for the virus.

Other than that, there are a few added symptoms for both ECG, and cycle tracking categories that can be shared with the 3rd party apps. iOS app development companies in India can make this work by making the data available to hospitals and doctors at user’s discretion, to bring effective solutions for the COVID-19 situation.

In total, more than 33 symptoms have been added to the list, where you also get an option to select the range of severity (mild to severe) for each symptom. The Health app can graph up the details for a day, week, month, or even a year for better analysation of self recovery status.

Here are complete list of 33 symptoms that added in iOS app development tools:

  1. Acne
  2. Appetite changes
  3. Abdominal cramps
  4. Breast pain
  5. Bloating
  6. Chest tightness or pain
  7. Congestion
  8. Body and muscle ache
  9. Constipation
  10. Coughing
  11. Loss of smell
  12. Diarrhoea
  13. Dizziness
  14. Chills
  15. Fainting
  16. Fever
  17. Headache
  18. Heartburn
  19. Mood changes
  20. Hot flushes
  21. Fatigue
  22. Loss of taste
  23. Sore throat
  24. Lower back pain
  25. Nausea
  26. Runny nose
  27. Shortness of breath
  28. Skipped heartbeat
  29. Rapid, pounding or fluttering heartbeat
  30. Sleep changes
  31. Wheezing 
  32. Vomiting
  33. Pelvic pain

4. Bug Fixes and Other Improvements – Best iOS Development Tools 

Apple always strives to inculcate the best of security features into its devices by constant upgradation of its systems.

  • This update addresses the unresponsiveness issue of apps that would sometimes occur during data syncing from the iCloud Drive.
  • It also allows you to download apps automatically over Wi-Fi without having to do anything manually.
  • Another issue that has been solved is the inactive data roaming icon that was displayed even when it was active on the eSIM.
  • The fourth issue of audio interruption that users faced while making calls over Wi-Fi has also been fixed.
  • Fifth one would be the addresal of the incorrect caller location of calls from Saskatchewan. 
  • Addressed the issue that causes the software keyboard to appear unpromptedly when connected to a third-party hardware keyboard.
  • Fixed the issue that prevented a few iphone models like iPhone SE and iPhone 6S to register for Wi-Fi calling.
  • Resolves the issue where Japanese hardware keyboards could incorrectly be mapped as a U.S keyboard.
  • Fixed the issues experienced in the audio calls over Wi-Fi.
  • Enhanced stability to access control center with assistive touch.
  • Provides a mechanism for administrators that can be used to specify domains from the traffic carried by always-on VPN. (Split-tunneling).

Note: This fix doesn’t really resolve the VPN related issues that could put a user’s security at risk due to the long-term open connections in the VPN bypass. iOS app development companies will have to make sure they inform their customers regarding this glitch in the VPN system.

Who this iOS App Development Update For

iOS development 13.6 is up for grabs for all the iOS 13 compatible devices .

This means that anyone who owns iPhone 6S, iPhone SE, iPhone SE 2, iPhone 7, iPhone 7 plus,  iPhone 8, iPhone 8 plus, iPhone X, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR, iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro.   

For iPads, the compatibility falls on 12.9-inch iPad Pro (2015-2018),11-inch iPad Pro (2018), 10.5-inch iPad Pro (2017), 9.7-inch, iPad Pro (2016), iPad, 5th and 6th generations (2017-2018), iPad mini, 5th generation (2019), iPad mini 4 (2015), iPad Air, 3rd generation (2019), iPad Air 2 (2014).  

The devices that have been exempted from the upgrade are, iPad Mini 2 and Mini 3 (2013-2014), iPad Air (original, 2013), iPhone 5S (2013), iPhone 6 and 6 Plus (2014)

iPod touch, 6th generation (2015).  

Note: For the Beta users who are already using iOS 14 for iOS app development, you need to unenroll for the beta version if you want to enjoy the features of iOS 13.6. 

How to Prepare your Device for this iOS App Development Update?

ios app development update

Before installing the all new update and relishing its benefits in your iPhone/iPad/iPod, there are a few things that should be taken care of for a smoother experience.  

Backup all your files, photos, and anything important in your iCloud Drive.  

This shall keep you on the safer side by preventing any loss of data in case of technical difficulties or system errors.  

In case you are unsure about saving your data, contact an iOS app development company to help you with it.  

How to Install the All New iOS App Development Update?


With more than one way to install, it can be rather confusing as to which one to go for.  

To help you out in every way possible, we are jotting down all three of them in the simplest manner.  

1. iOS 13.6 Update via Software Update Option on your iPhone 

This method is probably the fastest and the easiest method to directly download the update on the concerned device.

  • Look for the ‘settings’ tab on your home screen.
  • Tap on ‘general’.
  • Tap again on ‘software update’.
  • Click on ‘download and install’.
  • If prompted, enter your device’s passcode.
  • Tap ‘agree’ for terms and conditions.
  • Tap on ‘agree’ again to confirm.

The download shall begin automatically after this.  

You will be able to see the estimated time in which the download shall be completed.    

2. iOS 13.6 Update via Mac – iOS Development Tools 


This option comes in handy when you are running low on space on your concerned device or the update isn’t happening for whatever technical reason.  

  • Plug in your iPhone/iPad/iPod touch that you want to upgrade using the USB lightning cable.
  • Click on ‘Finder’ from the footer menu of your Macbook.
  • Then click on the device icon that you may find at the top left to go to the device tab.
  • Tap on ‘check for updates’ in the summary pane.
  • Tap on ‘download and update’.
  • Tap on ‘agree’ when prompted for terms and conditions.
  • If prompted, enter the passcode on your iPhone/iPad/iPod touch.

3. iOS Update for iOS 14 Beta Users (Direct) – iOS App Development 


You don’t necessarily need a Mac to download this update on your device. Here’s how you can do it directly:  

  • Open settings on your concerned device.
  • Tap ‘general’..
  • Tap on ‘profiles’.
  • Then tap on ‘iOS beta software profile’.
  • Click on ‘remove profile’.
  • If prompted, enter a passcode on your device.
  • Tap on ‘delete’ again.
  • Shut your iPhone/iPad down and restart it.

Now follow the steps from above – Point 1- (iOS 13.6 Update via Software Update Option on your iPhone), and install the new update.  

You can follow in the similar steps from the Mac section – Point 2- (iOS 13.6 Update via Mac) if you have trouble doing it directly or if you prefer doing it through your laptop.  

Your update is installed and ready!

What iOS App Development 13.6 has in Store for Developers? 

ios app development  

With so many new features to develop new apps around, iOS 13.6 brings a myriad of opportunities into the field of iOS app development.  

The CarKey feature is for now limited to certain cars only. But with time, this addition will require syncing a number of different cars, models, and features.  

Other than that, the Apple News+ feature will see a worldwide audience which shall further require integration of several technologies by the iOS app development companies.  

The VPN tunneling problem is yet to be solved since the release of iOS version 13.3.1, but the iOS 13.6 update has worked on diverging the VPN traffic considerably.  

This shall help developers solve security issues and eliminate related bugs to improve the protection of personal data on the apps developed further on.


iOS 13.6 update is indeed one of the biggest releases by Apple and the greatest news in the  iOS app development world after the release of the initial version of iOS 13.

If sources are to be believed, its successor iOS 14 will feature some highly awaited solutions like compact phone call notifications, picture in picture videos, pinned conversations, inline replies, and widgets on home screen.

If you are an aspiring developer and want to know if iOS development is the best line of option for you, don’t forget to check out our best tools for iOS development article featured on the home page.

If you wish to develop a robust and functional iOS app for your business, Ads N Url – the top iOS app development company in India  now works with the best iOS development tools and developers to bring the greatest returns in your ventures.

Check out our home page or contact us for more details.  

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