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We empower the leading healthcare brands with solutions that greatly expand their work repertoire and generate efficiency and productivity.


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What we create at Ads n Url aims to galvanise healthcare access to the patients and helps the specialists – doctors, pharmacists and administration keep track of experimental medicinal procedures, monitor patient status and boost fitness alongside as well.

A lot of medical solutions have been designed over years and we promise to keep up the research going, on how to improvise the multi-faceted healthcare sector in every way possible.

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Understand the inner circles of the healthcare sector

and its operations with our app developers.

The exponential boom in the healthcare requirements globally requires fast response and proper monitoring.
We bring the healthcare providers to your doorsteps.



Apps flow into the market everyday but very less apps provide solutions which are precise as well as extensive enough, to satiate the needs of the stakeholders.



The network between all the components of the medical system determines its efficiency. Our apps make sure you take it up a notch and interlink every the needy and provider, with ease.



Data is the new oil and safeguarding it against malwares and negative influence is a quintessential need. All the patient information is safe under our encryption barriers.



Rules and regulations, both international and domestic need to be strictly adhered to which practising medicine in any form. We make sure all our products comply with the regulations.

Our ideas in healthcare app development are pioneering

and redefining.

E-Health Records

Health Record System tailored to your needs, while sticking to the HIPAA regulations which is user-friendly and medical blending enabled.

Up-to-date prescription

Apps that keep track of a patient’s medical history and link them with medics for suggesting requisite treatments.

Process management

Every schedule like appointments, real-time procedures and attending to patients is seamlessly blended into our apps to save time.

Insurance Claim

Making the entire cumbersome process easy and hassle-free is what we integrate into our apps. This makes us a favourite among the masses.

E-Health info exchange

Considering patient mobility cases are quite mainstream these days, we create apps that allow easy sharing of patient data between hospital infrastructures.

Software Integration

Our mobile apps contain the A-Z of a patient’s data – from biometrics to doctor’s suggestions all coalesced into the framework of one single handy app.

Lifestyle Tracking

During the rehabilitation period of patients, keeping track of patient’s physical activities is a dire necessity and our apps do exactly the same.

Patient Gateway

Patients’ accessibility to their own health is an integral part of the medical system. We use APIs like Apple Healthkit to remodel apps that are patient-centric.

Complying to the medical data security standards

We are unique and leagues ahead of others, courtesy of our grasp of medical security compliances.


Our apps are HIPAA-based which adds an extra layer of protection. Confidential information needs to be properly safeguarded because it networks to multiple parties. Your data is sacred to us.


It becomes really imperative to adhere to FDA standards that govern the creation and administration of drugs used in healthcare. Our apps already contain data about the requisite usage, aiding the medical personnel and patients in sticky situations.


Our mHealth apps follow all the rules stated in the HITECH act and hence, shielded from external agents in case of a software debacle. Every record is stored under multiple barriers of security and encryption.

Let us help you scale

that hockey stick growth.

Our Industry leading research oriented approach takes away all hurdles of your product planning.

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Feature-rich mHealth applications

Our mHealth apps are tech savvy and feature rich. They are mould into the perfect space to understand and promote the medical professionals.

Private User

Push Notifications Integration

Electronic Health Records

Customised Camera Support

In-App Phone & Video Calls


Built – In

Activity & Exercise

Social Sharing


Frequently Asked Questions

The number of mHealth applications in the market are on the rise because they prove to be super useful by making care on-demand and real-time, make it easy for stakeholders to communicate and monitor progress, and decrease time + increase cost-efficiency.
For frequent communication and to establish a network between a huge team, Android is the favourable option. If you want to look for security and data + records protection, iOS is the one to go for.
It all boils down to the working of the app, the features it includes, the level of security required, etc. We try to jot down all these above considerations and compare it with your business idea to get an estimate of your mHealth app development.
Features like booking an appointment with a specialist/doctor, contact-on-the-go, media upload, in-app payments and in-app chat with healthcare associates are the major inclusions that should be present in your app.
There are a lot of compliances that need to be met like HIPAA, HL7 etc when it comes to developing mobile health applications.


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