How to Process High-Quality App Development at Minimal Cost?



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Apps are those powerful resources that can make any business exclusive.  

Enriched with all the customized and in-device attributes, apps offer ease of functionality and usage for an overall better user experience.  

And since each app is unique in its own way, be it in terms of the business goals, features, composition, etc. there is no specific cost of development that follows in common.  

But what can you, as a developer, do to bring down the cost of development while not compromising on the functionality whatsoever?  

Let’s find out.  

Topics Covered:  

  • How to Estimate the Development Costs?
  • Tips to Reduce the Cost of App Development

How to Estimate the App Development Costs? 


According to the parameters set by Clutch, a top business listing platform, the average cost of app development is around $171,450 for 1,143 hours.  

The price can come down or go up as per the amount and complexity of the features added to the mobile application.

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So How can you Estimate the Cost of Development for your Application? 


Follow the steps below:

  • Ask for a Quote 

Get in touch with a reliable mobile app development company and ask for a quote for your mobile app development for a precise figure. Make sure the company you choose is a trustworthy one and preferably situated locally.  

  • Choose the Mobile Platforms 

Decide for yourself if you want the app to be made for Android platform,.iOS platform, or maybe both? This shall help you understand the cost cover much better. Cross-platform apps are in much vogue since they offer   

  • Prepare a Functionality Checklist 

Your business defines you, and your app reflects your business idea. So to bring in the complete gist of it, you need to provide the developers with a list of features you want in your app. The hard work then can be done by the business analysts to procure more insights about which features shall suit the best.  

  • Develop an MVP 

MVPs have gained a lot of popularity in the market recently. They are those miniature trailers that give them a good idea about how things will play out without investing much. Do try them out to know the best aspects of your application and get feedback from them. You can then implement the desired changes before constructing or investing in a real app.  

  • Put an Estimate on the Main Features 

Here, only the must-have features for the app must be evaluated to get the precise cost of development. The add-on features can somehow be managed after the release of the initial app too, but the main features that cannot be compromised upon, should be established.  

Tips to Reduce the Cost of App Development 


Cost reduction can be done on various levels individually. The end product of which will be an app that fulfils its basic need, offers enhanced functionality, with an overall reduced cost.  

App development company      

1. Efficient Planning 


 The number one rule that follows any development process is that there should be efficient planning done.   

This planning or the PRD (product requirement document) involves:  

  • Company’s objective and product idea
  • Defined Timelines
  • Principal Features of the App
  • UX/UI Design Requirements
  • Launching Platforms ( Android development & iOS development)
  • Control Points
  • Budget Estimation

Once you have got all these facts and figures ready, you can start on the process of developing the idea by calculating all the possible risks involved and cut the spending wherever possible.  

The product requirements can be presented to your in-house team in the form of presentations or email to gain their inputs and recommendations.  

This step is crucial since an initial mutual understanding between the technical team and the product owner can reduce the app development costs by eliminating all the loopholes and adding all what’s necessary to the programme, avoiding the need of rebuilding the app again and again.  

In addition to that, a framed-out PRD helps to align the development and marketing departments accordingly and know if it’s the right time to proceed to the development stage.   

Otherwise, you can take more time to analyse your market niche, opportunities, and target audience, and then proceed to the development stage.  

2. Decide on Out-sourcing or In-Housing 


While in-housing hoards some benefits of its own, like efficient management, overlooking each and every aspect of development, proper testing, etc. it can become a costly affair.  

In-house development requires you to hire people and pay them a definite amount every month, irrespective of the amount of job that gets done.  

You also have to buy an office, or physical space to accommodate your employees, pay electricity bills, etc.  

With outsourcing though, you can get rid of all this.  

Also, you get a global talent pool to allocate your resources at, where you can hire a dedicated team of developers and experts and receive a ready to use product.  

You can hire specialists from a geographic region where the hourly rates are lower and cut down your total cost of production.  

If you are worried about exceeding your budget, you can also opt for a fixed budget model.  

A few drawbacks that follow outsourcing though are:  

  • Lesser Control
  • Hidden Development Costs
  • Inconvenient Communication Synchronization
  • Security Risks

 To overcome this, one can set up a few in-house resources who coordinate with the outsourced ones on a regular basis.  

3. Use Credible Technologies & MVP 


Tech Stack has a big influence on the cost of app development.   

Not only does it determine the development workflow, it also defines the levels of commercial risk, cost of maintenance, style, and data security of the project in question.  

If you use some of more popular tools like Python-Django, .NET, Ruby on Rails, etc. your cost of development will come down a few steps.

Also, it is better to be safe than sorry.   

Which is why, investing in an MVP can chuck out a lot of additional costs and make your project drool-worthy by the time it reaches the market.  

For more information on how investing in an MVP can benefit you, check out the detailed blog here : 8 MVP Project Management Examples that Every PM Needs to Ace  

4. Select the Platform of Benefit 


Choosing the right app development platform can also influence your market budget greatly.  

Based on your market research, find out launching on which platform will get you more users, or where your target market resides.  

The criteria to check that out would be :  

  • Location
  • Age
  • Income Level
  • Gender
  • Lifestyle

Then you can select if you want to launch your app on either or both iOS and Android platforms.  

The current share of the market for Android development is 77.45%, whereas iOS is 22.85%. 

But what is to be noted is that iPhone users make more frequent online purchases than the Android users.  

Developing an app for both the platforms separately can cost you some big bucks.   

If you want to cut down the cost, you can opt for cross-platform app development.  

Your best options for cross-platform app development would be React-Nativṇe development, and Flutter development.  

5. Keep a Softer Hand on Customization 


Customizations are good. In fact, they are necessary.  

But they also cost a lot.  

In initial stages of your app development, it is better to lay a softer hand on the customization aspects.  

The alternative to that would be opting for some popular technologies that offer ready-made tech stacks and framework.

We are not saying that you need to avoid customization completely.  

For example the UX/UI designs are a part of the marketing strategy. If an app has an attractive interface, it can become popular in a record time. And for that, you need to throw in a few customizations here and there.  

The key to controlling your budget in this case can be drawing a clear line between the absolute necessities and the things that can be done without, at least initially.  

Uber and Tinder made it through, you can too!  



Some things cannot be ignored completely, but they can be put on hold for a while.  

The blog highlights all what needs to be done to bring down the cost of app development in brief.  

Following the said tips can bring down your gross development costs by over 43.33%.  

Your key objective of app development initially should be to develop a simple yet rich app, that displays what you want to do, and hints at what you will further do to make the user-experience better.  

However, this can not be achieved without the help and intervention of a top app development company.  

Ads N Url offers the best-in class iOS development, Android development, react-native development, flutter development, and blockchain development.  

For a complete peek into our offerings and services, check out our home page or visit our website for regularly updated blogs.

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