How to Hit Luck in Mobile App Entrepreneurship in 2020?



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The prospects are ever-increasing in the vast space of technology. The hottest and trendiest ones for 2020 turning out to be none other than mobile app development. However, as interesting as it sounds, entrepreneurship in the arena of app development is a field that requires a lot of effort to be put in. 

Here we are to discuss various components of mobile app entrepreneurship, later proceeding with the tips to master them. 

Apart from the basic components of android app development like activities, services, widgets, etc, a lot of challenging additives have added to its popularity these days. 

The introduction of AR/VR, chatbots, IoT, etc has made the job of an appreneur more playful.

Trends In Mobile App Entrepreneurship

Let’s check out some of the most advanced and prevalent trends of that budding appreneurs can learn about and make use of, for a brighter future.


AR- Augmented Reality

AR stands for augmented reality. It allows one to view real-time environments or objects in an enhanced manner. 

Leading technologists predict that people will access this functionality on their smartphones through AR glasses than manually holding up screens up to their faces.

Developing skills for perfection in AR technology can help you succeed in the long run. 

What does AR do for a business?

  • Deliver engrossing experience to the users
  • Improve and increase engagement with the mobile app

Let’s check out how AR technology is thriving in various fields of businesses

1. Retail

Retailers across various verticals are making use of the AR technology to boost their sales and enhance user’s experience.

A recent example can be seen where the international brand Lacoste has created an AR mobile app that helps its customers to try its shoes virtually.


2. Real-Estate

Proving to be a game-changer in the industry, the AR app for real estate allows prospective buyers to get a complete view of the final product. Not only this prospect helps attract customers but it also helps save costs of changes that an individual client might require.

3. Manufacturing

Modern manufacturing industries require assembly of a lot of components. For this Bosch, the appliance giant collaborated with an AR firm Reflekt to stay in the competitive range Since. AR aims at making manufacturing processes efficient, they reduce the production costs and helps identify problems quickly.  

VR – Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality has emerged as a buzzword for businesses these days. The technology leverages virtual simulations to fabricate a real-world 3D environment for end-users.

It comes as no surprise that more and more businesses are looking to invest in this technology for tablet, mobile and wearable applications. 

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

 Another rising trend in the technology world is machine learning stacks and deep artificial intelligence to generate a seamless customer experience. Today, a lot of companies take advantage of it to collect the user behavior data and creating personalized communication henceforth.

A more sophisticated application of chatbots is to deliver quick solutions and solve customers’ queries quickly. Further, this shall greatly help in retaining the existing customer base. 

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Internet of Things (IoT)

IoT technology is one of the best forms of smart technology available at this time. With the emergence of smart homes, IoT is also becoming popular with B2C industries. 

It is said that by the end of 2020, over 20 billion devices will be connected by IoT amounting to over 300 billion dollars.


Blockchain Technology

The digital currency has been gaining momentum and has successfully laid an impact on the mobile app development industry. Appreneurs can make use of this technology to create services and products that can use this technology in the form of virtual wallets. Tracking transparency, security, and transactions are the need of the hour and the blockchain technology will help put them through as a mediating tool. As the technology integrates and develops with the economic system, it will improve the lending landscape and pave the way for more and more money wallets.

On-Demand Apps

On-demand apps have rooted themselves deeply in the service industries like food, entertainment, and grocery. Not only do they provide unmatched convenience to customers but help companies respond to their needs promptly.  The year 2020 is going to see a lot of on-demand apps being integrated with fitness, travel, healthcare and other similar industries. Overall, this shall provide an opportunity for entrepreneurs to woo their customers. 

Now Let’s Discuss Some of the Basic Practices that Appreneurs Must Surely Align Themselves with

  • Study the App Store Thoroughly

This includes an analysis of the worst apps too, that are not doing so well on the app store. Keeping a keen eye on the daily status of the apps on the app store can enlighten you with a lot of useful insights. With sheer observation, you shall be able to judge what works and what doesn’t. Apparently, the feedback and ratings of the users are your greatest clues to improvise your app for the best results.


  • Simplicity is the Hero

While offering a lot of interesting features might seem like a good idea to you in the beginning, failing to make a single feature hero shall cost you the ratings of your app. Too many features tend to confuse the users as too many options do. Making the app as simple as possible must be your goal while continuing to optimize it for a better experience, your agenda.

  • Head-strong Marketing Strategy

Developing an app should not be the end of the road for an appreneur. Having a strong marketing strategy to promote ad glorify your business across all the mediums is what decides its fate. Also, do not forget to monetize the plan you choose. Further, many options, such subscriptions, app purchases, freemiums, and in-app purchases are available. You need to choose the appropriate plan according to your needs. So, make sure if the app is worth a million bucks or not.

Concluding Thoughts

Working on these trends and strategies can make sure you hit the luck in modern appreneurship. The trend of becoming an appreneur is witnessing a sharp spike since last year. The ever-growing digital trends have opened the doors of the market for people who want to make it big. Take the example of the founders of Zomato, PayTm or WhatsApp. They all had a will to explore the market ruthlessly and so they did. 

So if you are one of those aspiring entrepreneurs who have a knack for mobile apps, you now know exactly what to do to make it big. 

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