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Advertising plays a key role in deciding the fate of your business or company. Every one of us has experienced humming to the tunes of the ads we see on television on daily basis, or us being attracted towards a certain product or thing just because it has been advertised through our favorite film stars or in an attractive manner. Now a days PPC marketing is playing a vital role in advertising a business in short period of time.This underlines the impact of a good advertisement.

How important is advertising for your business?

Simply put, there’s no business without advertising. “What really decides consumers to buy or not to buy is the content of your advertising, not its form.”The advertising starts the moment you put out a banner or the name board of your shop declaring what all you deal in. But this is small scale advertizing. The relation of advertising to business is directly proportional. The bigger the scale of advertising, the higher will be your business reach and PPC marketing is latest internet advertising.

What is PPC Marketing?

Pay per click marketing or PPC marketing is an internet advertising model that allows the advertiser to publish his advertisement on a different website for which he pays the publisher whenever the ad on his website is clicked. How to arrange that? There are a lot of PPC marketing companies that can get the dice rolling but if you’re looking for the best PPC company in India, you should only trust Ads and Url.

The basic but BIG difference With PPC Marketing:

We have all come through the modern age of digitizing and we are well aware of the impact it has on our lives. There doesn’t go a moment when we aren’t connected to some sort of social interaction. Be it facebook, twitter, instagram or snapchat, we are addicted to them and the trends followed over them. Social media marketing is another strong suit of Ads and Url that can be learnt more about from our website.The digitization has turned the old methods of advertising like putting up banners, flexes and pamphlets obsolete. As little is their effect on the audience as little is their reach. The PPC marketing service providers at Ads and Url help you reach a much larger set of audience with in your budget range. Any website can be your platform. E-commerce website giants like Amazon, Flipkart, etc make use of this opportunity too so why not you?

An Introduction to the MAJOR PPC Marketing platforms that we deal in:

Google Ads: Google Ads is a primary Google advertizing platform. Advertizing on Youtube is also possible through Google Ads platform since Google offers pay per click advertising on its search networks and also on it partner’s sites.Amazon Ads: For e-commerce websites, Amazon accounts for over 46% of product based searched. It is a great platform that empowers advertisers to create an identical from of shopping focused campaigns.Microsoft Ads: Just like Google has its own PPC platform, Microsoft has a PPC platform for its search network and partnering websites along with its native-microsoft owned websites such as MSN.

Top 7 benefits of pay per click Or PPC marketing:

  • Super fast results
  • Rise in sales
  • Brand fame and recognition
  • Reaching the target audience
  • Measurable and Budget friendly
  • Reaching a larger customer base
  • Zero dependency on SEO
Ads and Url is not just a PPC Marketing company in Delhi, the demand for our PPC services UK and PPC services USA are equally popular.

Wanna know why?

Ads and Url is considered as one of the best PPC companies in India for a variety of reasons: We Befriend the Time Time is our friend and we believe in going together. All our projects are liable to be handed over to the client in the stipulated time. If we fail to deliver, the money is on us. And that’s a challenge! Ads and Url possess an untainted record of successful deliveries of over 200+ projects on time and we are too proud of the legacy to break it.

We Support You 24×7

“We don’t want to push our ideas on to customers, we simply want to make what they want.” And to understand what our customers want, we are ready to listen to you 24X7, whenever you need! We are the PPC experts in Delhi and to us customer satisfaction reigns over the topmost peak of our priorities.

We Got What It Takes

Our team of expert PPC service providers help you realize your business goals. For a customized experience, our team of experts work closely with the customer care executives and pull out a tailor-made mirror that coincides exactly with your opinion and idea. Our main operating office is in Delhi, so if you’re looking for PPC services in Delhi or PPC services in Noida, just get through our contact information and give us a call! We promise to deliver nothing but the best.

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