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Web development, as a digital space, has expanded above and beyond what it started out as. Do you remember Orkut? Or the first version of Amazon? While on one hand Orkut ceased to exist because it couldn’t keep up with the users expectations, Amazon has also changed its brand essence 180 degrees. All the changes that you see happening in the web development space can be traced back to changing customer expectations at the center.

However, irrespective of the web development trends that we see happening, there is one thing certain. With the changing users’ expectations, we are poised to see a rise in the web development companies as well.

Amidst this, for an individual or a business who wishes to enter the digital space, it becomes all the more difficult to choose the best and top web development company for their project.

The intent of this article is to look into the ways they can make the choice and not suffer a monetary or mental peace loss both during the project and if they wish to leave the project mid-way.

Without further delay, let us look into some of the checklist items.

Checklist to finding the top web development company for your project

1. Analyze their portfolio

Every sector comes with its own set of website design and development requirements. Right from the users’ expectation and the user flow to the server needs and the feature sets, elements vary from one business domain to another – on both frontend and backend level.

It is advised to check with the web development company if they have worked on domains that your business model is in. And then have a look at their portfolio to get an essence of their offering and the skillset.

2. Check the technologies they work with

The web development space on a technological level is in an ever expanding mode. As a business going digital in the 2020s era, it is extremely important to partner with the top web development company – a decision that you can make on the basis of the technology expertise they carry.

Ideally, the website development company should have the skillset to work on the best web development framework and languages. Basically, something that builds upon this list –

Browsers – Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Safari
Frameworks – Ruby on Rails, Angular, Meteor JS, Yii, Zend, Express.js, Laravel, etc.
Languages – Javascript, Go, Php, Ruby, Python, CoffeeScript, etc.
Protocols – DDP, HTTP, REST
Data Formats – XML, CSV, JSON.

3. Ask them for a price quote

With the ever increasing demand for web based platforms, the development space is also witnessing a rise in the design and development cost. So it is very important to have an estimate of the budget you can keep aside for the website development project and then match it with the price the website development company is quoting.

But before you reach the pricing stage, we would recommend you to make a detailed list of your requirements and conduct market research to get an idea of the nation-wide or global average development rate.

4. Check if they match your post-development support needs

A web development project never ends with it getting hosted online. There are multiple things that an entrepreneur has to consider – the email setup assistance, renewal of hosting platform, modifications in the features and UI/UX, updation of security elements, etc.

While you can always hire a web developer to take care of it, it is best to ask web development companies for assistance since they are unvested in the project from scratch.

Ads N Url tip: A majority of the web development companies offer on-going support to some level or the other, however, it’s always a great idea to find the level and range, the turnaround time, and the team who will be working on the project, etc.

5. Align your communication and collaboration expectations

The communication and collaboration skills of the web development company is a vital aspect for any web based project. One miscommunication or assumption can throw your digital leadership dreams into a haywire. Before you sign the development contract, get in touch with the company and ask them these communication and collaboration highlighting questions –

Which all communication modes are the developers available on and will they be willing to move to yours?
What collaboration platform do they use and will you get the access?
Who will be the point of contact for the feedback, questions, and concerns, etc.?
What will be the response time for the queries?

So here were the 5 elements in the checklist that you should cross when finalizing a web development company.

Now before you finalize an agency, do a proper culture and business objective match to ensure that you won’t have to pull out from the project mid-way. To be on a safe side, discuss the exit plan with the company before you initiate the project.

We have now reached a stage where we have given you the five pointers which can lead you to a web development agency that can turn your ideas into a digital reality.

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