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Reshares and Likes

‘In God we trust, all others must bring data’
Despite all the differences, do you know what every business shares in common? Be it a cosmetics business, a web development company, a digital marketing company, a food joint or a clothing one? 

The need to expand the business. 

This eventually directs every business to maintain a sales lead database. 

Maintaining a leads database helps you put your efforts in the right direction. It helps you understand what marketing efforts actually bring in positive results for your company. Also, it gives a clear idea about how customers respond and act to your promotional activities.

But the first question that comes straight to the mind is – How to create a leads database? Followed by, how a strong leads database can upsurge the conversion numbers for your company?

If you are interested in the same, keep reading.

Of course, everything starts with the basics, but if you already consider yourself a pro, consider scrolling down a bit to know about some of the best ideas to create a leads database.

That Basic Talk

What Truly is a  Lead Through Digital Marketing?

If you are a pioneer of digital marketing services, you must already know what a lead is since it is the ‘chapatti’ term to all the digital marketers. 

But for all the others, let’s discuss what the fuss is all about.

A lead can be any person who shows some interest in the products or services that your company has to offer. They are often termed as ‘potential customers’ too.

Some things as common as a general chit-chat can turn a person into a possible lead. For example, when you are wearing lip shade and go out with your friends and a friend of yours find it attractive enough to praise you, he/she might ask where you got it from or which brand and shade it is. The moment you tell them about the brand, you are turning them into a possible lead. Simple as that.

Leads are very important for a business lifecycle. They can also be called the lifelines of a business.

Leads-the Lifelines and their Types

Although leads are important, take a note, not all the leads are qualified. Check out the types of leads to know for yourself.

  • Sales Qualified Leads

Termed in form of numbers, these leads take actions actively and show good interest in purchasing your services or goods. A contact fills a form asking questions regarding the services and products.

  • Marketing Qualified Leads

These leads connect directly with your marketing teammates but don’t wish to receive a sales call. They basically fill a form for an offer made by you.

  • Service Qualified Lead

These types of leads are the ones who show their interest by expressing their wish to become a paying customer to your team. 

  • Product Qualified Leads

These types of leads are the ones who have already used your product, shown the interest further and later turned into a paying user.

Such leads can only be generated for the companies that offer a product trial.


Where to Start Digital Marketing Techniques?

The difficulties start to subside, once you start. So the most difficult part of building a list too is hitting the start button.

How can you do that? And how can you do that efficiently? Let’s discuss this.


  • Directory Calling – Use different directories and find businesses and individuals from your target market. Put the relevant contact details into the database.
  • Look into the Address Book – Use your own address book and put all your family members and friends into the database who you think might need your services and products.
  • Rewards Reward – Give some type of reward to the people or potential customers who give you their contact details. This could act as an attraction.
  • Cards to Score – Take business cards from everyone that comes into contact and place those leads into your database.
  •  Ad Directories – Open ad directories and find people who can relate to your business or who you think are in need of your products or services.
  • Social Networks are the Key! – Who can keep their hands away from the social networking websites nowadays? Take advantage of that fact to add up to your database list.

Things you Need to Include in your Databases

The quality of the list also plays a crucial role and the quality directly depends on the details you collect. Let’s check out what things you need to include in your databases.

  • Surname and name or business name if you are interested in B2B sales.
  • Contact details like phone number, postal address, e-mail IDs.
  • Reactions of people after the implementation of your specific marketing activity.
  • Marketing tactics or activities your company used for the specific people.

Is that person becoming a customer or is she buy something from your business?

What will be the future marketing activities or steps you will need to take?

Keeping the things recorded in this way will help you sort your evidence about every person in your database easily. You can then decide and analyze what needs to be done to increase the market of your potential customers.

How to Proceed?

You can use various promotional sources to drive traffic home and generate leads. Let’s discuss a few channels that would help.

  • Content is the Reason the Search Began in the First Place

Smart content can redirect users to your landing page. They act as a medium to attract and catch more eyeballs while making them addicted to know more. Quality content with rightly placed CTAs can get you the leads you want.

  • What Happens On Social Media Stays on Google Forever

Social media platforms are powerful mediums to allow your followers to take action through digital marketing. Swipe options on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. They allow you to promote your posts with CTA captions.

  • Emails have an Ability Many Channels Don’t – Creating Valuable Personal Touches at Scale

Email is a proven and ideal way used for branding. It allows a business to connect with people who are somewhat aware of your brands, services or products. Again, adding CTA to your email can put in the excitement factor in combination with an impressive design to grab your potential customers’ eyeballs.

Concluding Thoughts

There are a lot more methods that you can exploit and take advantage of to bring your business a lot of leads. Other than the ones discussed above, advertisements, retargeting, blogs, referrals, and product trials can help build upon the number of leads incredibly. 

Ads and Url is a web development and digital marketing company that can take care of your business and help it score a secure place in the leads market. For more information on the same, visit our home page.

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