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Lately, we’ve been believing in the fact that the fastest websites are more successful websites. The web page speed is one of the most important aspects of any website development strategy. No one would like to wait if a website is taking more than 3 minutes to load. And if a website offers superior functionality, great page speed, then there are countless chances the user might show interest in making a deal with your business.As a major influencer on conversion rates and search engine rankings, a web page speed is something you cannot ignore or skip. Eventually, achieving a fast web page speed can be a daunting task if you do not understand the website development technicalities. In that case, you can choose to take help from a professional web development company or dig more into the details of the website optimization process. You should also beware of web design and development companies that neglect more crucial initiatives for improving page speed and overall website quality. Doing this can result in more unsolved page loading issues.In this discussion, we will be sharing some of the most compelling tools and techniques that can help you improve your web page speed. Enjoy!

Tools for Measuring Page Speed

GTmetrix Performance Report

GTmetrix is a renowned online tool that is used to analyze the speed or performance of a website. This tool will give you an easy-to-understand waterfall report mentioning the attributes that contribute to your page speed. You can click on each attribute to get extra recommendations to make necessary improvements. Many website and mobile app development companies use this tool as their website performance booster and analyzer.

Pingdom Website Speed Test

For quick performance analysis, you can use this efficient tool that does not misdiagnose any problem. For those web development companies who want to speed up their WordPress websites, Pingdom Website Speed Test is a recommended tool. One of the most popular page speed measuring tools used by web design and development agencies, Pingdom also provides server monitoring, transaction monitoring, and uptime monitoring. Pingdom Website Speed Test​

PageSpeed Insights Tool by Google

Google provides an effective page speed measuring tool, namely the PageSpeed Insights Tool, widely preferred by many web development companies. The speed performance of your website will be tested by offering a score out of 100 based on different types of factors. This tool provides different results for mobile and desktop websites, depending on the accuracy with which a website is a display on a particular device.

Image Compression Tools

Tools for Image Optimization

Sometimes, having a large number of images on the website can slow down the web page speed. Therefore, each image should be optimized. You can find many image compression tools available in the market. For instance, JPEG Optimizer, Optimizilla, ImageRecycle, CompressNow, and Tiny PNG are some of the most famous image compression tools used by website design companies.

Image Resizing Tools

An image that is perfectly sized according to the website layout will enhance the overall performance of the website. Many web development companies opt for image resizing tools, such as B.I.R.M.E, Rszr, Photo Resizer, I Love IMG and more. Cutting down the image size will dramatically decrease the load time.

CSS Sprite Tools

CSS Sprite tools are used when designers have many images or icons to be combined. This tool offers a great way to save space by combining several images into one, resulting in saving a lot of time which a browser consumes to communicate with the server. CSS Sprite Generator, CSS Sprit, Sprite Gen, Sprite Box are some tools widely used by many professional website design companies.

Technical Optimization Tools

Okay, this discussion is just for those who are into technical stuff. However, this isn’t too complicated or difficult. You can learn a lot of things!

CloudFlare CDN

Cloudflare is a CDN (Content Delivery Network) – a distributed network of servers to offer countless benefits for a website. It can help in uplifting your web page speed, shrink bandwidth usage, and decrease CPU usage on the server. These logistical advantages for your website can help it dynamically improve the overall performance of your website. There are many CNDs that are used by web design and development companies, but Cloudflare is preferable amongst all. A powerful tool for site management, Cloudflare can easily intimidate the users.

W3 Total Cache

W3 Total Cache works effectively for nourishing the user experience of a website by making improvements in the performance of the server, diagnosing every attribute of a website, decreasing the downloading time, and offering crystal clear content delivery network integration. For those website development professionals who use WordPress, this tool will be available as a free plugin. Effective cache control, code magnification, and CDN management is included in this tool to give your website an optimized makeover. If you offer web development services, then you should use this tool to optimize websites.

Best Techniques to Optimize your Web Page Speed

A quickly loading web page can contribute to the success of the website. So, there are some of the most effective technique that will help website development companies to optimize your web page speed.
  • Always use a dedicated server for site hosting. This will help you get more space and control over the hosting. However, you may need some serious technical considerations and configuration. But overall, it is a great deal.
  • Opt for a CDN to reduce the web page loading time especially when the user is physically away from the server. Every time a browser requests for data from the website, that request will be forwarded to the nearest server.
  • Prefer using asynchronous loading for JavaScript and CSS to increase the speed of web page loading. Many website development companies use this way to load CSS and JavaScript.
  • A cached version of your website in the browser of the user can help your website ensuring that it loads faster when a user returns to it.
  • Minimize the elements on your web page can speed up it’s loading.

Final Thoughts

Fast web page loading is an extremely important factor to consider while developing a website. You can either hire a Website Design Company or freelance web designer offering web development services to assist you with enhancing web page speed. We hope the above-mentioned tools and techniques have helped you gain some knowledge about speeding up the web page speed. Wishing you a Good Luck with your upcoming website!

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