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Facebook Ads not working? Maybe you didn’t hit the right notes? Or the correct facebook marketing techniques? We can help you detect the pain areas and also work on providing the solutions simultaneously with choosing right facebook objective. 

If this topic interests you, keep reading to unveil it all.

Facebook has proved itself to be one of the best places to find converting and qualified leads. Thanks to its ultra-wide user base of 2.38 billion active users per month and extensive targeting features.

But what you need is a winning strategy. You probably would have already tried making a Facebook ad before or at least heard about it. But that’s it. You don’t know what the next step is or should be.

Without a proper laid down strategy, all those advertisement capital is going to go straight down the drain and bear nothing good. Your potential leads will just pass you by like just another shop on a crowded street.

So, before we get into the process of creating a perfect Facebook ad, we’ll take a U-turn to talk about the overall strategy.

The Prelim For Choosing Facebook Objective

Instead of jumping in straight away and asking for a sale, you first need to establish a value and some authority by offering something of value to your potential customers.

During this process, you will also gain a chance to know your customers by collecting their personal information like email addresses. This information can be used later on for various purposes in digital marketing services like target marketing.

The first step to create an impactful Facebook ad is choosing the right marketing objective (which we shall discuss in detail later). The second step would be creating a custom audience with the use of demographic details and languages preferred, etc. Third would be setting up automatic placements, budgets, and schedules, etc. And the last step would be picking an interactive design to go with your Ad (very important).

Now that we have briefed you about the whole process, don’t be mistaken to think you got to know all you wanted. Each of these steps is a lot more. 

Let’s take a look at the choices and their corresponding explanation that Facebook offers:

Reach: To get your ad as huge an audience as possible. 

Brand Awareness: To generate product interest.

Engagement: Shows ads to people to build a following and gain comments and likes 

Lead Generation: A built-in landing page to create lead ads. 

Traffic: Transports people to a URL. 

Messages: Basically used for messenger bots.

App Installs: Sell an app here.

Conversions: Find real buyers not just visitors here.

Catalog Sales: For Ecomm people.

Video Views: For retargeting people who have watched or partly watched your video.

While the basic marketing funnel may hold value for email campaigns, Inbound marketing, or general lead nurturing, it doesn’t work well with pay per click marketing. We will discuss it later in the same blog.

What Can Go Wrong?

Answer this simple question. The global giant, Walmart, do you think it will spend money to advertise for people to come and sight-shop rather than actually buy stuff from its store?

No one would actually do that. Not knowingly of course.

Everybody wants traffic. This makes the traffic objective the most popular choice among all the other options. But what about the actual buyers, the money generators? Who knows what amount of people from that ‘traffic’ are actually gonna buy from you. 

So what needs to be done? Good question.

Focusing on one single facebook objective might not really get you or your business anywhere. How about retargeting?

Yes, retargeting those same window-shoppers and luring them into buying something. 

All you need to do is run a traffic campaign. Then run a conversion campaign. Of course, its gonna cost you some extra money but it’s better than a whole lot of campaign money getting wasted, isn’t it? 

The Mix & Match

A lot of PPC service providers don’t deviate from a single proven path of the ‘conversions’ objective. To an extent, it is right and it also works since it targets customers who are most likely to buy. But to generate business, and to generate good business, there are three primary objectives that need to be followed.

  • Conversion – Of course to generate some sales.
  • Lead Ads or Lead Generation – It can perform as good as the conversion objectives, especially in a few specified verticals.
  • Messenger Bots – Popular as anything, this can again prove to be as helpful as the conversion objective in some verticals like healthcare.

You can also run some branding campaigns and use motion graphics to get the word out. Definitely, it will be a bit harder run on the cash but it will be worth it. 


Trending Objectives 101

With changing times, more and more different objectives have been tried and tested in digital marketing. Some of the most prevalent ones other than those we discussed above are:

  • Video Views

This is the step you take further down the road when your website is already gaining moderate traffic and you want to engage your users on a deeper level. 

This objective can be used to viral a good video that you have in your arsenal. And since it is a new one,  the cost per view is also very low.

  • Post Engagement

This is basically to be used in case you have an organic post doing good rounds in terms of engagement and you want to show it to meet the eyes of a larger audience.

Additionally, this objective can also be used when you have a small audience that requires a very low daily budget to avoid or reduce ad frequency issues.

Concluding Thoughts

The concluding target of any organization or business is ROI. In advertising, you have a ton of choices. From print media to radio to TV and magazines.

But social media has the largest share of all. Facebook and Instagram together comprising more than 80% of traffic leaders and convertors. Also, the cost of advertising on all such platforms is 1/10 the cost of any other form of advertisement. Leading to a situation of win-win.

So the first question you need to ask yourself is not ‘what is it going to cost?’ but ‘what am I getting in return?’.

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