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-By Brent Wilson
Co-Founder, Vision Travel


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Vision Travel is a trusted name in delivering world-class travel solutions. As a robust travel portal, the client helps in booking a variety of travel products such as flights, hotels, cars, and insurance. The client even provides a one-stop platform that enables travelers and internet travel agents (ITAs) to plan holidays, set business itineraries, and make reservations as per their unique requirements.

Business Needs

The client relied on legacy applications that had many limitations such as unrefined user interface (UI) and disjointed user experience (UX). The existing application only had support in Spanish; the lack of multilingual support, in turn, hindered the client’s capacity to expand its reach to global markets. Because of these factors, the client could not compete with competitors and was not able to dominate a sizeable market share. To overhaul its application workflows, the client collaborated with Ads & URL’s

  • – Building an easy-to-use interface that is mobile – responsive.
  • – Introducing multilingual support that would unify and enrich user experience
  • – Seamlessly managing the app workflows such as booking hotels, cars, etc., through dedicated modules.


Ads & URL’s application developers were brought on board to develop a robust and intuitive travel application from scratch. The team carried out an end-to-end need analysis for identifying the capacity bottlenecks created by the existing web solution. If that was not all, the team even executed a comprehensive security audit for identifying top strategies for building a more secure travel application. A detailed report was then provided to the client’s team with all the efforts and complexities involved in project execution. Once the final go-head was received from the client, the team initiated the development phase.

Front-end: Ads & URL’s application development team along with the client’s personnel envisioned an application with an intuitive and feature-rich UI; the application’s front end was prepared by using HTML5 and Angular 7. The client wanted dedicated modules in the travel app, so our team designed them for streamlining the booking of flights, hotels, cars, and insurance packages. As part of the front-end development, we:

  • – Built a mobile-responsive application that ran seamlessly across multiple devices such as desktops, iPads, and smartphones.
  • – Implemented a snappier UI that eventually improved the UX in the long run
  • – Integrated Google Maps functionality for enhancing the experience of booking hotel stays.
  • – Incorporated specific features for comparing hotels and multiple insurance packages.
  • – Deployed features for searching or booking one-way, round-trip, and multicity flights.

Backend: Building a robust backend required our web application developers to leverage and work with multiple frameworks such as web APIs and Sabre GDS. Through dedicated web APIs, our team managed to facilitate the booking and searching of different travel products on the client’s portal. For creating a secure backend, we:

  • – Leveraged dedicated web APIs for fetching product details from a variety of third-party APIs
  • – Used industry-leading Sabre GDS for accelerating process functionalities
  • – Integrated Google Maps functionality for enhancing the experience of booking hotel stays.
  • – Prioritized transaction security by implementing secured payment gateways.
  • – Migrated process workflows from paper to the real digital world

Development Process

During this initiative, our team used agile methodology. Under this methodology, the team followed the agile scrum process and closely completed all the sprints for faster and smoother project execution. Some of the highlights of adhering to this development approach are as follows.

  • – Delivered incremental project completion updates after every sprint
  • – Ensured service quality and reliability by working in collaboration with the client’s personnel
  • – Accelerated project completion by using the latest digital technologies
  • – Completely tested the project against different quality parameters
  • – Incorporated mission-critical features as per client requirements


The collaboration between Ads & URL and the client resulted in digitally transforming its value chain from start to end. Our team deployed flexible application development models for not only simplifying but also accelerating the booking process. All in all, the engagement resulted in improving the booking experience for travelers and ITAs by:

  • – Introducing a new visual interface that provides frictionless navigation capabilities
  • – Maximizing the sales flow and improving the bottom line by 30%
  • – Optimizing the application performance that reduces the booking time by 35 minutes
  • – Managing booking data more intuitively and efficiently that brings down operational bottlenecks by 40%


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