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PropertyPro is a real-estate web application that caters to the customised needs of renting, letting, and selling of properties by making legal documents, premises pictures, finance options, and valuation available at users disposal, along with the sellers contact details. It makes use of the seeker’s location services to help them view nearby properties as per their custom selection filters.

Time Duration: 02 Months
Team Effort: 05 Persons

Business Needs

Over the past 5 years, Hirani Group has been steadily expanding its comprehensive business of providing property and finance solutions in Northern-India.
To align their business along with modern technology and meet the demands of the Gen Z customers, Hirani Group requested Ads n Url to prepare a website that could manage their clients online.
In response, Ads n Url fabricated the PropertyPro which caters to customized, customer-centric needs of property management.
Ranging from solutions of build-to-rent, sales and lettings, valuations, and facilities provision for over 200 properties across Delhi/NCR, Gurgaon, Haryana, and Punjab.


Ads n Url developed website that enabled users to customize their property selection process as per their budget, area of choice, size, renting options, loan availability, etc.
A new backend was brought into use where web app’s efficient functionalities such as location tracking, status modules, ultra-HD images, and faster processing could be provided.
The application reduced running cost as well as React.js is an open-source technology and the cost of implementing GPS is also minimal.
Apart from that, in order to reduce the image processing time, we incorporated Libvips which provided amplified agility.

Front-end :  Our team of developers had some good verbal sessions with the client which led to the development of an application that was not just functionally active but visually appealing as well.
Integrating features like split screen view, automated notifications, and easy to locate menu options, the UI in the words of our client was ‘top-notch’. Salient Features of PropertyPro :

-A well designed logo that corresponds to the nature of work and the sentimental value it carries.
-A responsive design that glides smoothly on all platforms and multiple devices be it laptops, notebooks, iPads or mobiles .
-Large search tab that makes it easy to find anything in and around the app.
-Easy logins through mail OTP and social media accounts.
Push notifications for hot deals.

Backend : For a speedy and sturdy build, we chose Java as the framework to devise this web application. Our experienced Java specialists took care of all the aspects that make an application worth the top ranking in the play/app store.

-Usage of Atomize for effective revenue management.
-Integration of APIs.
-Image and video compression for a reduced loading time.
-Admin panel to control, view, and manage all the activities on the application.
-Multiple payment gateways integration along with third/fourth party vendors.
-Integration of VR to support virtual property tours for a better visualization without actually visiting the site.

Development Process

Our development process is where all the magic is planned, edited, and then re-edited until the final product received is free of bugs of any kind.

Our 5-Step Development Process Involved:

-Intensive planning of the approach and work plan.
-Integration of clients insights and needs into the model blueprint.
-Setting deadlines for all the different aspects of the feature base.
-Quality checks and real-time run error fixing.
-Delivery of the final-product along with timed post-delivery maintenance schedules.


The engagement with Ads & URL helped the Transnational Infosystems to :

-Reaching enterprise customers throughout the world.
-Significant improvement of the ranking of website in search engines.
-User-friendly management of content from backend.

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