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By Devon Maloney, April 1, 2020

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To create the application, our teams reviewed the existing products in the market and analysed all the similarities and common features present in all these applications. We had to make sure that our product is elegant in a manner that it can be advertised to the potential customers in the best way possible.

Time Duration: 02 Months

Team Effort: 03 Persons

Researching multiple platforms

Applications from both Android and iOS were analysed for the product and emphasis was also given to create a seamless user experience so that users would like to come back to the application again and use it again as that fulfills the purpose of a successful application and setting it apart from others.

Business Needs

The client wanted to develop a mobile application which can engage users in meditation through yoga and transcend them completely into this experience with the help of audio dives that form a key part of the application.


We analysed the needs of the client and distributed them on the basis of features for an effective understanding.

As the content of this application plays a huge role in its success, the team worked on it with the collaboration of client along with the creation of wireframes so that the flow for the screens from one point to another is also planned and drafted down simultaneously.

Once the flow and functionalities got finalised, we proceeded further with the development of the product.

Front-end: Ads & URL’s application development team along with the client’s personnel envisioned an application with a rich and crisp User Experience. The application’s front end was in Flutter. As part of the front-end development, we:

  • – Built a responsive mobile application that ran seamlessly across multiple devices such as iphones , iPads, and smartphones of various screen resolutions.
  • – Implementation of filters and search bar so that the users can browse different exercises with different moods.
  • – Creation of personalised logs and notes section inside the user’s profile so that they can write and revisit their experiences after performing yoga sessions.

Backend: To build and provide a robust backend, we chose Node.js for this mobile application that would manage and cater the needs of the application.

  • – Integration of API with the mobile application
  • – Integration of payment gateways for all the transactions on the platform Admin panel for the client to view and manage all the activities on the platform
  • – along with queries of customers if any.

Development Process

For developing a sleek mobile application that maximised the global user experience and enhanced efficiency, we followed a well-defined process. Our development process comprised the following points summarizing the overall engagement.

  • – Extensive product planning
  • – Defining the scope of work
  • – Setting delivery timelines
  • – Quality assurance of all the features before release
  • – Ensuring post-production maintenance schedules


The engagement with Ads & URL helped the food app in UK attract more customers

  • – Creating and delivering the customised orders to users in real time
  • – Building cutting-edge back-end to manage all the orders with great performance.
  • – Great ratings and feedback on the respective App stores from the customers.
  • – Exponential growth in customer registrations inside the platform.
  • – Provided deep analytical insights to service providers on the basis of their total orders and revenue.

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