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Geo- Location Based Social Problems Solve
Cross Platform- iOS and Android App

By Devon Maloney, April 1, 2020
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The idea behind developing this cross platform App, which can be used over both Android and iOS platform was to help people reach out to each other easily and in a very streamlined manner. People can simply log in to the App, post the incident (occurring at the selected location) with brief yet understandable description about the event (concluding with hash tag) and upload it for others to see, follow and comment accordingly. The incident in the talk must be occurring within a specific radius.

Business Needs

Client approached us with a requirement for a cross-platform app to be used on both iOS and Android platforms. The content of the app, as client asked us of, was to be social incidient sharing, (mentioning the location related to the subject) and people’s participation.

Our team subsequently built a platform for both organizers and mass simply log in and post their events (occurring within the specific radius), attaching high-definition images of that ongoing event with brief description pinned along.

An incident/problem sharing app that is location restricted Users must be able to post any event or subject, attaching a clear image of the subject, happening at a specific location. The post must reach out to every other uses registered on the app, enabling them to read about it, learn about it and share their feedback on the event.


Ads & URL Company had developed a comprehensive mobile application that enables content sharing and user’s participation easy, smooth and effective. The idea behind developing this platform was to enable anyone and everyone to share important social events or any subject occurring at a particular place, within a certain radius with the people of that area.

Our solution was a success when client said, ‘that’s exactly what was required.’ The app was built with intuitive design and advanced architecture.

Front-end:  Our developers have expertise in front end languages which they utilized to make this application dynamic and robust. They are focused to develop a cross-platform app with high speed performance.

-Compatible with iOS and Android
-Fast download speed
-User-friendly, Interactive user-interface
-Fully-featured app

Backend:   With proficient expertise and development knowledge, our team developed a powerful application with advanced functionality features. Our backend developers worked on database and server-side programming while ensuring the high performance of the app.

-PhoneGap for Hybrid app
-Use of Ionic as an open-source SDK
-Robust core application logic
-MySQL for database management

Development Process

Of any kind development process we take, all we target are collaboration-driven app for embattled co-innovation, high scalability, high performance and advanced user interface. Going off the track has never meant forgetting the basics for us. With the adaptation of new technologies and development process, here is the basic process we never let go:

-Market research followed by functional ideation
-Exhaustive discussion and outlining a plan
-Researching the suitable platforms


There are although several proven ways to weigh the success of a mobile app, but we go the right and commonly used ways. The Ads & URL team goes the extra miles to run live experiments in order to prove a set of hypothesis only to figure out the right metrics for assessing the success of the mobile app development. Subsequently, we set up the systems that turn all the raw data into an easy-to-read report. Here are the key metrics we usually take into consideration as we go evaluate the success of our developed mobile apps:

The followings are the metrics why we still take pride in our effort and outcome:
-Acquisition: Discovery and downloads
-User engagement and user retention
-Quality performance of the App

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