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Food Delivery App for Customers and Restaurateurs in UK

By Devon Maloney, April 1, 2020
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Eatdelight is a renowned food outlet owner that wanted to create a mobile application for the local food owners and the customers present inside the town. The outlet served dishes to their customers for various cuisines and also tied up with various third party applications to deliver the food at customer’s homestep. But these applications did not give customers the flexibility to place custom orders inside the app in bulk for parties and family functions.

Time Duration: 04 months
Team Effort: 05 Persons

Business Needs

The client wanted us to develop a mobile application which can handle the problem of placing customized orders by the customers along with a crisp and visually appealing User Interface for all the people using the application. The client also wanted to have a flexible admin panel for all the customers so that they can create their own categories and add dishes for the customers under them respectively.


We anaLysed the requirements of the client and segregated them on the basis of features for an effective understanding.

To handle customized orders, we created a dedicated section under which the users will raise their request for ordering dishes in bulk with their requirements on the given factors :

  • Name of dish along with total number of dishes to be ordered by customer
  • Address
  • Type of function
  • Expected Delivery Date

As the customers fill these details and send to the restaurant owners as a request, they will review the order and send their best prices on a dedicated chat window which is solely built for customized orders. Once the customer agrees on the price, the restaurant will send a customised order along with the relevant price which the customer needs to accept to proceed further.

Front-end:  Ads & URL’s application development team along with the client’s personnel envisioned an application with an intuitive and feature-rich UI; the application’s front end was prepared using Flutter . The client wanted dedicated modules in the food delivery app, so our team designed them separately for customers and service providers. As part of the front-end development, we:

-Built a responsive mobile application that ran seamlessly across multiple devices such as iphones , iPads, and smartphones of various screen resolutions.
-Implementation of search bar and key filters for food dishes with a hybrid and crisp grid and slider view.
-Easy and uncomplicated selection the features of an App and fast sharing to another device (mobile tablet)
-Miscellaneous features include profile pictures, temperature setup, headline news, reminders, calendars, etc.

Backend:   To build and provide a robust backend, we chose Laravel for this mobile application that would manage and cater the needs of the application.

-Integration of API with the mobile application
-Integration of payment gateways for all the transactions on the platform
-Analytical panel for food outlet owners to review the orders along with their revenue.
-Admin panel for the product owner to view and manage all the activities on the platform along with queries of customers if any.

Development Process

For developing a seamless mobile application that consolidated global business processes and enhanced efficiency, we followed a well-defined process. Our development process comprised the following points summarizing the overall engagement.

Contrasting to the popular and standard development process, our team commenced with pre-planning and risk-analysis. The followings are the development stages we chose to keep on through:

-Extensive product planning
-Defining the scope of work
-Setting delivery timelines
-Quality assurance of all the features before release
-Ensuring post-production maintenance schedules


The engagement with Ads & URL helped the food app in UK attract more customers.

The followings are the metrics why we still take pride in our effort and outcome:
-Creating and delivering the customised orders to users in real time
-Building cutting-edge back-end to manage all the orders with great performance.
-Exponential growth in customer registrations inside the platform.
-Provided deep analytical insights to service providers on the basis of their total orders and revenue.

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