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To create the application, our teams reviewed the existing products in the market and analysed all the similarities and common features present in all these applications. We had to make sure that our product is elegant in a manner that it can be advertised to the potential customers in the best way possible.


The Problem

Being a shopper, I enjoy shopping in the local grocery stores and have noticed some problems faced by the common people while shopping. I noticed different age groups facing different types of problems while shopping. Some didn’t have much time, some of them were not getting offers, many of them forgot some of the items on the way and much more. I did a survey and highlighted some pain-points down below.

I thought why not try to solve the aforementioned problems with a Grocery, Errand & Food Delivery App. While designing a whole new app to serve such a large section of people sounds like an overwhelming task. Conducting user research served as an effective way to narrow down on what is truly important to the people who would be using the product.

Problem Statement:

Busy people who consider grocery, food shopping and running errand a chore, they need to find a way to do their groceries, food and errands faster since they prefer to use their minimal free time on other activities.

User Persona

jake nackos
Margarita, 32

Consultant, Madrid (Spain)

I need something to deliver me fresh food anytime and anywhere.

  • Works out
  • Walks to work
  • Spends time with her partner and friends
  • Spends too much time at office
  • Doesn't have enough savings
  • She doesn't have much time to exercise

To find and illustrate Margarita’s pain points, and the sections where I want to help her, I created a storyboard and a user journey.


Storyboard illustrated by my teammate Lara Pellegrini


Defining the goals

I started to think whether, out there, other users are also experiencing the same problem. This curiosity inspired me to validate my assumption, and ultimately produce a solution to solve the problem.

app brief

Target Audience

The target audience of the project is the people aged between 18–45 years old who do Grocery, Food and Errand shopping on a daily basis. Most people of this age use smartphones and are well-versed with the concept of online shopping.

Research Goals

To find out the pain points and hurdles faced by a certain demographic range of people while doing grocery, food and errand shopping in local stores.



In order to obtain useful information about how the app should be designed, both surveys and non-direct interviews were conducted.

Five non-direct interviews were held in which a casual conversation was done with the target demographic. Since it was difficult to find stay-at-home parents, I decided to ask five parents in general. The results were extremely beneficial in understanding both the shopping habits and tendency to try the new online app. A few very important key points were derived from these interviews that played a crucial role in shaping the app:

People Enjoy

  • All have different lifestyles, life goals and scenarios.
  • Some of them enjoy shopping, meeting friends in their spare time and some find it hectic due to their busy schedules and personal problems.
  • They also get fresh fruits and vegetables from the market. Being regular shoppers, they are also benefited from many deals.


  • They don’t have much time to shop and spend time choosing fresh fruits and vegetables.
  • It is difficult to find the location of the items which, in turn, consume a lot of time of people with busy schedules.
  • Household ladies don’t have access to online payment so they can’t get the cashback deals. It’s also difficult to know what’s on sale or about to be on sale.
  • It’s difficult to keep track of how much the items in ‘my cart’ cost before checking out at the counter. Sometimes they also forget the items to buy.

While surveys were a quick and easy way to gather user data, qualitative research methods like user interviews allowed me to dive deep to ‘what’ the users are actually thinking and also their current method of Grocery, food and errand shopping. Here are some direct quotes from users:


The first step of my planning phase was to analyze my research findings and then group them through similar patterns and commonalities with an exercise called the Affinity Diagram. It has helped me categorize insights that stood out and to focus on their pain points to turn them into design opportunities.


To summarize, here are the major pain points experienced by the users:

  • Frustrated with the quality of fruits and vegetables due to lack of prior shopping experience.
  • People with busy schedules find it hard to go to the store for shopping.
  • They also get fresh fruits and vegetables from the market. Being regular shoppers, they are also benefited from many deals.
  • They don’t get any notifications or prior information about deals and offers going into the supermarket.

Based on my interviews, the pain points that a grocery, food and errand shopping app can solve are listed below:

  • The most common problem is a waste of time while shopping. Grocery, food and errand shopping app can easily resolve them and schedule the delivery as per the user’s convenience. Also, now they don’t have to waste their time on finding the location of items.
  • People can also avail deals, coupons, cashback, offers, etc. on the app which can solve the pain point of a middle-class family.
  • The quality of fruits and vegetables is also a major concern. We can solve this problem by delivering fresh ones to the customers’ homes via the online platform and also the reviews and ratings of each item are listed in the product description that provides better insights into the product.
  • The customers can also get to know about the cart value before checkout. Not only this, but they can also save the items in their wishlist to shop it later.


Low Fidelity Sketches

Before diving into digital wireframing, the first step I did was creating hand-drawn sketches. Hand sketching allows me to visually design how the app would look like. It also allows me to do layout iterations quickly and effectively.

design sketch 1

Low Fidelity Wireframes

Next step, I translated my initial sketches to digital wireframes using Figma. I then prototyped our Lo-Fi wireframes using Figma and did usability tests with my users.

design sketch 2

Color palette

The color are picked carefully to match the flat aesthetic of the app design

fimihub color pelette


Heavy: a b c d e f g h I j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z a b c d e f g h I j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z

Regular: a b c d e f g h I j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z a b c d e f g h I j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z


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Usability Testing

After creating low-fidelity wireframes, I conducted some usability tests to validate my designs. I got to observe users’ frustrations and discovered which area of design works and which needs improvements. Here are some feedbacks that I received:

Add a Shipping Address Screen while Checkout

A feature that helps the user to select their different address and also allow him/her to drop a pin for the exact location on the map.

fimihub screen

Lo-Fi to Hi-Fi Mockups

After deciding the Brand identity and Visual design, I wrapped up by converting the wireframes into the prototype. I gave complete representations of the end product using the Marvel App that is one of the best high-fidelity prototyping tools.

fimihub screen2

The Final Design Solutions

fimihub screen3


Next, I planned out a series of steps to how a user would move through the app. It consists of three different categories - Onboarding, Main Activity and Miscellaneous.

fimihub workflow

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Development Process

Ads n Url’s Application Development team along with the Client’s BDM Experts.

Ads n Url with its customized, one of a kind development process tracked each and every aspect of the undertaken project at every point of time. For developing an on-point mobile application that maximised the global user experience and enhanced efficiency, we followed a well-defined process. Our development process comprised the following points summarizing the overall engagement:

  • Extensive product planning
  • Defining the scope of work
  • Setting delivery timelines
  • Quality assurance of all the features before release
  • Ensuring post-production maintenance schedules


The engagement with Ads n Url helped the food, grocery and errand app in the UK attract more customers.

  • Creating and delivering the customised orders to users in real time
  • Building cutting-edge back-end to manage all the orders with great performance.
  • Great ratings and feedback on the respective App stores from the customers.
  • Exponential growth in customer registrations inside the platform.
  • Provided deep analytical insights to service providers on the basis of their total orders and revenue

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