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Bluetooth and Wi-Fi Data Transmitter
and Receiver Platform

By Devon Maloney, April 1, 2020
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The idea behind creating a platform like Vitro App was to enable information sharing from a device to another device. If you’re still not getting any clear idea, your smartphone is one device and your friend’s tablet is another. These are otherwise called transmitter and receiver. Vitro App will enable users to connected devices via Wi-Fi. Once the connection is established, user is enabled to select features on his/her mobile to sync their mobile to showcase the information on remote or receiver side tablet.

Time Duration: 07 Months
Team Effort: 04 Persons

Business Needs

Client approached us to design and develop an app that serves as an easy platform when it comes to sharing media files or data from one device to another. The app will work when connected to Wi-Fi and once the connection is established, users will be able to select the features from their mobile App and synch them to display to information remotely or on the receiver side tablet.

-Client wanted us to build an app that works as a streamlined platform for information sharing from one device to another.
-The sharing process was asked to be very simple and quick
-Our developers were kept seated on the edge until they ensure an active and stable connection between transmitter and receiver


Our developers were put to work with the latest technologies and architectural models for the development the mobile app, i.e. Vitro.

We developed the App as remote Device Application (for Android platform) that is likely to enable users to share data of the selected features on the transmitter (Mobile app) to the receiver (Android tablet).

Front-end:  We developed the app exactly how we were asked of – A Remote Device Application that enables users to share information or features of an App to another device (mobile tablet) at the fingertips. Here’s how the app front end features seem like:

-2-steps sign-up
-Connect to Wi-Fi
-Easy and uncomplicated selection the features of an App and fast sharing to another device (mobile tablet)
-Miscellaneous features include profile pictures, temperature setup, headline news, reminders, calendars, etc.

Backend:   We ensured a solid backend for feature that need resources beyond those available exclusively on-device, such as sharing data from Transmitter to Receiver, processing, etc. besides, we also ensured the app is robust, strong, scalable and secure.

-C++ as this forms the root of programming holding the ability for developing dynamic app
-HTML5, since this makes the worthiest preference for mobile applications
-JavaScript, as this ensures that the app is strong and object-oriented

Development Process

The development process of each mobile app at our base proceeds through innovative and effective development stages. As we proceed, we make sure each phase fits client’s needs and demands.

Contrasting to the popular and standard development process, our team commenced with pre-planning and risk-analysis. The followings are the development stages we chose to keep on through:

-Research, research and research – Research of the client’s target market and competitors
-Wireframing – Wireframing may sound an easy game, but it takes a lot of one’s research-oriented mind
-Evaluation of technical feasibility
-Prototyping and testing


Success of an app is assured when it runs smooth and never crashed down even after years since the launch. Vitro was chosen to be different with its features and functionalities, so are its success metrics.

The followings are the metrics why we still take pride in our effort and outcome:
-Faster download
-Smooth and quick installation
-One-tap uninstallation

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