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To redesign a hyperlocal delivery application that allows users to request delivery services. The user has the ability to get anything delivered to their doorstep.

Who they are?

Favor Delivery is a Texas-based on-demand delivery service. Through the mobile app or desktop site, users can place orders for anything from takeout food to last-minute needs from the drugstore, and Runners (delivery agents) make the delivery in under an hour while keeping users updated every step of the way. Users get what they need in good time and at a great price, while Runners have the freedom to either supplement their income or replace a traditional job by delivering with Favor Delivery.

Requirements shared

The client aimed to redesign it’s mobile applications in order to make it more user friendly. While running operations, The team had identified limitations in the functionality of the platform. The client wanted to introduce more features in order to attract delivery agents as well as users to the platform. They wanted us to perfect the matching algorithm that connects the Runner with the customer.

UX and UI Design

Creating detailed wireframes usually involves to following steps:

1. Selecting color schemes.

2. Choosing readable and visually appealing fonts.

3. Creating a set of UI elements and putting them in order according to wireframes.

4. Gamifying the order experience with animations.

Challenges on the way

Increase Deliveries – Favor’s team wanted to increase the deliveries per delivery person. Reducing the time taken while making the platform efficient.

Retaining Agents – In the times of increasing competition, favor found it difficult to retain it’s drivers. The team wanted a better experience for drivers. The team wanted us to integrate features that made favor a daily part of the agent’s life.

Redesigning User Interface – The founders wanted a delivery first Interface. They wanted the experience to feel like using a social media app with an endless scroll. Designing an interface that felt fresh while preserving the ease of use was one of the biggest challenges to be accomplished.


We redesigned 3 platforms to incorporate features to overcome the challenges. Here is a list of features that we introduces:-

Increase Deliveries
We came up with a heat map solution – Hot Spots, a feature that makes it easier than ever for Runners to find busy areas and earn more. The closer Runner is to a requested Favor, the more likely they will receive the assignment — and more Favors means more deliveries.

Some statistics:
1. Average idle time reduction (Per week) – 2 Hours her driver

2. Driver payout increase

3. Deliveries Increased

Retaining Agents

We looked into the delivery date for the Runners no longer associated with Favor and found out that they had traveled more to complete favors than an average Runner. We wanted to make sure that Runners have more control over their journey. Geofencing was our solution to solving this problem. Neighborhoods — a feature that allows Runners to stay in one part of town while they complete deliveries! This feature gives Runners the control to choose Neighborhoods where you want to deliver!

1. With Neighborhoods, Runners stay closer to where they started! On average, Runners stay 15% closer to the location where they began their run.
2. Reduced Runner churn rate by around 30%

Working with Ads n Url never felt like outsourcing or a services engagement work. It felt like working with true artists with a great passion for doing their best work by pushing to their limits.

Jag Bath
Ceo, favor

Redesigning User Interface

Our Design team came up with a home screen ordering interface that allows users to scroll down and look at all the available restaurants and stores. We designed the interface around images that gave the user app a news feed effect.


With the newly redesigned app, Users could now safely communicate with drivers through in-app chat and they could also exchange GIFs. The engagement resulted in the users using Favor more use cases and runners serving more customers. Favor’s app was loved by users and ratings on the App Stores reflected that. We were able to form a long term partnership with favor in order to further optimize and create a seamless experience for the years to come.

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