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Bringing stability and fitness to day-to-day grinders, the Daily Yoga app offers pre-made, customized workouts and meditations sessions with scheduled goals.Including over 72+ yoga programmes with over 500+ asanas and levels from beginner to advanced can be chosen as per the gender and body type for on-point results. One can also follow your favourite certified yoga guru for more tips and pointers.


About the app

To develop an app that covers both the platforms of iOS and Android effectively, deep analysis about the product market was done that could help with the inclusion of features that enhance the overall user experience.

The app is location based that could easily connect the yoga enthusiasts from all over the world to the yoga coaches and form a community where experiences, practices, tips could be shared.


Business Needs

Daily Yoga App is our client’s approach to make a healthier lifestyle a common stance for people, especially the work lot. The basic need of the client was to inculcate the a feature called smart coach that could help beginners pick a class most suitable for their age, body type, body needs, and gender.

The client also wanted to add a community chat feature that could connect the nearby and far away users so each one could discuss, share, and offer help to anyone who needs it.


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We analysed the needs of the client and distributed them on the basis of features for an effective understanding.

As the content of this application plays a huge role in its success, the team worked on it with the collaboration of client along with the creation of wireframes so that the flow for the screens from one point to another is also planned and drafted down simultaneously.

Once the flow and functionalities got finalised, we proceeded further with the development of the product.



Ads & URL’s application designing team along with the client’s

personnel envisioned an application with a rich and crisp User Experience. The application’s front end was in Flutter. As part of the front-end development, we:

  • Built a responsive mobile application that ran seamlessly across multiple devices such as iphones , iPads, and smartphones of various screen resolutions.
  • Implementation of filters and search bar so that the users can browse different exercises with different moods.
  • Creation of personalised logs and notes section inside the user’s profile so that they can write and revisit their experiences after performing yoga sessions.


To simplify the process of scripting languages, quicker rendering, and promoting SEO friendly content, we employed React JS for the framework.

Keeping in mind our client’s needs to provide a better user experience on varied platforms, our team experts also added AMP framework to the list for a better mobile browsing experience.

Continuing with the integration of ecommerce cart functionality and Akamai CDN to promote easy checkouts and load balancing, our geeks left no analytical stone unturned by linking Google Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce to the website.

For that extra buzz, we added Google sign-in facility to the app for ease of logging in through multiple options.


Development Process

Working closely on the project with milestone input strategies, we were able to come up with a product that did slightly better as far as our client’s expectations were concerned.

Undoubtedly, what helped us achieve that was our very own 5-Step development process that includes the following:

  • Thorough analysis of all the development, designing, and marketing aspects of the client project.
  • Sketching up a general outline for the project.
  • Step-by-step progress check, along with the integration of various additions and editions as per the real-time demand and need of the client.
  • Over 56 quality checks to ensure no loophole is entertained.
  • Delivery of the project with pre-arranged maintenance schedule.

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