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Transnational Infosystems is a known name in the IT industry for providing data service solutions to the technical conglomerates of the world and smaller businesses as well. From server management to network configuration in remote parts of the world, Transnational does it all and they wanted to give their website a new appeal to make them look fresh and make their position stand consistently in the market.

Time Duration: 02 Months
Team Effort: 04 Persons

Business Needs

The client wanted to create a new website to showcase their work as well as their services to emerging markets and potential clients. . The client wanted the content to reflect suitably so that all the important information and the terms of their services are shown accurately to all the visitors on the website.


We reviewed the existing website of the client along with the suggestions and necessary points which the client asked us to work upon. The challenge here was not the development but rather the position of content and titles on each web page so that the users can browse through them accordingly. Sliders and navigational buttons were also the crux for this project.

Front-end :  Our web development team analysed the needs and proposed Angular.js for this website to make the content stand out from other websites and work on their placement and position accordingly.

-Built a responsive website that worked flawlessly on all the devices including laptops, desktops, notebooks, iPads and mobile devices.
-Title bars and buttons were used very precisely for effective reach.
-Search bar along with respective filters for each type of service the company offers to categorise the content on the website and make it more specific.
-Query forms and suggestion pop ups on the bottom end of the pages so that customers can share their feedback .

Backend :  To build and provide a robust backend, we chose php for this website that would result in easy management of content from the backend both in terms of text and content.

-Creation of admin panel so that the content can be updated from time to time .
-Integration of third party Chatbots to manage and communicate with customers at all times.
-Query management section inside the admin panel so that the company members can reach the customers accordingly on -the basis of information entered through them in the forms.
-Special section for slider content and notifications to update the images and offers on business plans daily without any delay.

Development Process

For the development of a seamless website, we created the wireframes and got them reviewed from the client throwing special emphasis on the position of tabs , images and content to connect with the customers:

-Intensive planning for flow of content
-Navigation of pages on the click of buttons.
-Distribution of tasks into sprints for faster development.
-Calls with client from time to time for updation on progress.
-User acceptance testing of the website for every page and flow.


The engagement with Ads & URL helped the Transnational Infosystems to :

-Reaching enterprise customers throughout the world.
-Significant improvement of the ranking of website in search engines.
-User-friendly management of content from backend.

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