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-By Brent Wilson
Co-Founder, Cayman


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Cayman Airways is a flagship airline serving the Cayman Islands in the British Overseas Territory. The client even operates non-stop jet service between Grand Cayman and some major US cities such as Chicago, Denver, New York, Miami, and Tampa.

Business Needs

As one of the biggest commercial airlines in the British Overseas Territory, the client wanted to optimize the real wealth of exponential data derived from various sources and deployments. To top it all off, the available datasets were present in a variety of formats. The real challenge was that the client received data raw or unmanaged format, including.txt, .dat, and .xlsx, from a booking network. To realize its business need, the client teamed up with us for:

  • – Managing the stream of unmanaged raw data using automation technologies
  • – Harnessing the value of key data points for detecting frauds and lifting service levels
  • – Creating a single view of data for improving its operational efficiency
  • – Introducing a culture of making data-driven strategic decisions


Our software development experts were engaged by the client for developing an automation tool for transforming unstructured and semi-structured data into meaningful formats. Keeping automation and digitization at the core of this engagement, we rolled out a dedicated SQL job scheduler that would help the client manage the stream of raw data. Once converted into a manageable format, we pushed the relevant datasets from siloes into a centralized, secure, and robust SQL database.
Besides, we built a dedicated reporting tool for enabling the client’s data managers to draw strategic insights from managed data formats. Through the reporting tool, key data stakeholders of the client could receive proactive and predictive actionable insights into a flyer’s behavior and flying patterns. Those insights became the foundation of key decisions taken by the client for growing its market share, reducing costs, and driving successful growth initiatives.

Front-end: For displaying data SQL server report services (SSRS) reports, the reporting tool needed to have a snappy and highly intuitive user interface (UI). For that purpose, our development team chose SharePoint 2010 for building the UI from scratch. The UI, once deployed, was responsible to show data for uncovering new growth opportunities. For that, our team:

  • – Built a visually compelling and easy-to-use UI for boosting the adoption rates among internal stakeholders
  • – Enabled quicker access to key data reports without involving complexity
  • – Improved the outcomes of all the endeavors for organizing passenger data

Backend: Our team at the backend worked alongside the client’s personnel for consolidating the reporting work on SSRS. The team worked for extracting data-heavy files according to SQL schema and inserted them into SQL server database tables through an automated job scheduler. As its technology partner, we helped the client in:

  • – Deploying an SQL server that improved data storage capabilities
  • – Integrating SSRS report files into SharePoint through a robust middleware application
  • – Consistently configuring the connection between SSRS report file and SharePoint

Development Process

To begin with, the project was initiated with demanding deadlines. Our team made sure to adopt agile development methodology for speeding up project execution. From requirement understanding to testing the final product, we worked with a collaborative mindset with the client’s personnel. Some highlights of our development process are as follows.

  • – Leveraging top-level digital automation tools and technologies for organizing project workflows
  • – Making sure that every project milestone is met on time
  • – Scaling the capacity of resources and technologies as per project needs
  • – Accommodating last-time changes coming from the client during project execution lifecycle


The engagement resulted in the client driving more seamless, efficient journeys across its carriers. Since the client had passenger data in hand, it was able to strategize better and fine-tune its overall flying experience. By consolidating, storing, and managing aggregated passenger data, the client successfully connected data with decisions. Our team of developers exhibited the highest level of technical acumen and professionalism; because of which, the client had extended the scope of the engagement. Some other noteworthy benefits that the client reaped from this association are as follows:

  • – Reduced data management efforts by 40%
  • – Saved 500+ Man hours Every Month in Manual Reporting
  • – Saving 1M Every Year in Manual Reporting


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