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Adsnurl (with brands like Max Fashion and Splash) is the leading fashion retailer in the middle east and gulf region. While the sales of these brands inside malls and offline stores have been growing year or year, the sales from online channels (Eg Maxfashion.com) have been on the decline. It is principal because customer’s do not get to try the products before purchase (to check the fabric, the fit and the overall look) and hence are reluctant to buy stuff online.

app brief

The brief

Apnafleet is an on-demand web enabler using last mile technology logistic platform that connects customers (individuals/businesses) with drive-partners to efficiently move goods from one location to another location.

  • Vehicle on Demand
  • Load on Demand

There are two forms

  • User will get a form in which he needs to select the type of the Vehicle (Assuming that the customer is well known for the capacity of the Vehicle to carry their load).
  • User will get a form in which he needs to enter the load details. For that we need to define the categories eg. Relocation customer will enter the details of the household such as TV, Fridge along with tentative weight and quantity. In case B2B customer wants to ship medical items, in that case, the size of carton’s, weight of cartons. Type of the material such as breakable or non-breakable. Is the material falls under the hazard category etc.

Initial steps

My first thoughts were regarding the topic to focus on. I asked some friends and family about some problems they may be going through their daily routine.

The main challenge for me when starting this project was that I was thinking about a problem and I started ideating about the possible solution and that makes it more difficult choosing a topic.

I began thinking about the following problems:


Apart from the above information below mentioned information is the same in both the tabs.

  • Pickup location
  • Drop Location
  • Select date and time(Can be immediate delivery or schedule delivery)
  • Select Vehicle type
  • Load Details Description
  • Number of Vehicle is required
  • Upload image(optional)
  • Marine insurance (optional) will be redirected to third parties and users can purchase the same and get the benefits accordingly.
  • Book load or Book Vehicle (Submit button )**
  • Gio Map between the pickup location and Drop/Destination location will generate.
robotic scope

Starting the research

Where does Apnafleet deliver to?

We deliver all over India.

Does Apnafleet deliver large or odd-sized items?

Commercial or Household - We ship/deliver items of all sizes. You can count on us to do all types of lifting.

What vehicles does the Apnafleet use to deliver?

What vehicles does the Apnafleet use to deliver?

Are my goods secured?

Yes, we take full guarantee of safe and secure delivery. You can be fully assured of that.

How is pricing calculated?

Pricing is calculated on the basis of service, volume, destination and type of truck.

How can I place a booking with multiple stops for my delivery?

ApnaFleet doesn’t allow multi-stop delivery service.


How can I pay?

We accept payments made through credit cards, debit cards, net banking and bank transfer.

Can I place a booking in advance?

Yes. You can either choose ‘Deliver Now’ or ‘Schedule for later’.

Will I be charged if I cancel the trip?

If the user cancels the order after the courier has set off, the user will be charged a certain amount of fee. If the issue/problem is from the driver partner’s end, the user will be liable for a full refund. Rest, depending upon the cancellation reason, the money will be refunded partially or fully.

How can I track the vehicle?

You may track the following status - Driver partner has arrived, On the way, Vehicle breakdown, Delay in arrival or Goods delivered.

Can the drop location be changed?

No, the drop location cannot be changed.

Under what circumstances can the trip fare change?

Once decided, ApnaFleet doesn’t change the fare of the trip.

How will I receive the invoice?

The invoice will be sent to you over your email address.

Is there any service guarantee?

Yes we take complete liability for loss or damage, due to human reasons, during the transportation.

Is there any specialized service available?

Yes. B2B users can request for the specialised service and ApnaFleet team will take care of the request accordingly.

Design process & improvements

My process will be different in different projects and will be determined by many factors such as the project goals, business needs, problem to be solved, time and etc.

In this case, the goal was to improve a complete project, starting from the beginning. I decided to start to analyse the material that I already had in Figma and then I started to remake everything from scratch (Styles, Components, Typography, Native iOS & Android components, etc).

First of all, I started with styles using Atomic design and made the Typography, Colours, Icons library, Shadows, etc.

development flow

The Scope


ApnaFleet is one of the most trustworthy packing and moving companies in India that provides the fastest goods delivery services. Household Shifting or Bulk/Commercial Movements - ApnaFleet fulfils all your needs.


ApnaFleet delivers your goods anywhere across India.


We work 24*7 and ensure the safe delivery of your products.



Moving homes could be stressful as there are so many things to take care of, especially shifting your belongings. ApnaFleet offers reliable moving services anywhere in India. We have collaborated with the best intercity moving companies to effectively move your goods from one location to another.


The app comprises two types of users i.e. B2B (individual driver partners & transport companies) and B2C (customers - individuals or businesses). Once the customer has placed the request, it is notified to both individual driver-partners and transport companies. Out of individual driver-partners and transport companies - the one who finds it reasonable and suitable will accept the customer’s request. However, if after a certain amount of time, the request is not accepted from either party, the individual driver-partners and transport companies will set their moving price. The customer will then have to select between the two as per his/her convenience.


Any Indian resident with valid ID proof can avail of our services.

User Persona

vidyut narayan
Vidyut Narayan, 34

Haryana, India

I need help with packing, moving stuff and relocation services.

  • Economical
  • Hassle-free
  • Safe
  • Convenient

To find and illustrate Margarita’s pain points, and the sections where I want to help her, I created a storyboard and a user journey.

Color palette

The color are picked carefully to match the flat aesthetic of the app design

apnafleet color pelette


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User flow

The essential part of this case was to understand perfectly what’s the user flow, if the user flow needs to be improved or what is the key point, what are the essential features for the truck drivers, the value of the features and which features need to be improved.

apnafleet mockups

User flow with the app screens

After the analysing of the low-fidelity user flow, I passed on the next step and I started to analyse the full user flow process with the real app screen.

The first huge problem that we found was on the “Pre-Departure Check” part of the app, it was difficult to use for the truck drivers. We start immediately to work on the UX flow of this part with a whole team (Product owner, Middleware, Android and iOS engineers, etc)

apnafleet screens

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Development Process

Ads n Url’s Application Development team along with the Client’s BDM Experts.

Ads n Url with its customized, one of a kind development process tracked each and every aspect of the undertaken project at every point of time. For developing an on-point mobile application that maximised the global user experience and enhanced efficiency, we followed a well-defined process. Our development process comprised the following points summarizing the overall engagement:

  • Extensive product planning
  • Defining the scope of work
  • Setting delivery timelines
  • Quality assurance of all the features before release
  • Ensuring post-production maintenance schedules


The engagement with Ads n Url helped the food, grocery and errand app in the UK attract more customers.

  • Creating and delivering the customised orders to users in real time
  • Building cutting-edge back-end to manage all the orders with great performance.
  • Great ratings and feedback on the respective App stores from the customers.
  • Exponential growth in customer registrations inside the platform.
  • Provided deep analytical insights to service providers on the basis of their total orders and revenue

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