Best 8 Tips to Get Conversion Rate Optimization on E-Commerce Site

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‘If you have never experienced love at first sight, you are shopping on a wrong website’.   That’s how great an impact of your site should be!   And if making your visitors fall in love with your website is not your goal, forget about those big conversions.   You are clearly planning to put an average ecommerce website live, with less than average sales.   As per the statistics, the average conversion rate of a typical ecommerce website is only 2-3%.   Are you really aiming that low?   If not,  

We have Best 8 Tips on Increasing eCommerce Conversion Rate Optimization


Something that will put your customers in awe of your products/services.
So let’s get going.


1. Prepare a Visually Appealing Site

Who says the looks don’t matter?   Only the ones who haven’t seen great things in life.   Conversion rate optimization consists of a statistical approach regarding the colour and patterns of your website.   A clear layout with pictures, gifs, and videos to support and enhance your content.   And highlighted CTAs (call to action words). These things when put in an equally supportive proportion, keeps the customer engaged, scrolling, and moving towards making a meaningful action.


2. A Responsive Design

When we say 1/3rd of the market is mobile, we mean it! But that doesn’t stop people from viewing a website on their desktops now and then.   So what to do?   The best way to increase your conversion rate Optimization would be to ask your CRO agency to fabricate a responsive website for your customers.

This way they stay happy whichever way they choose to access your site. And as they say, one happy customer is equal to ten new customers!

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3. Hit the Speed

3 seconds is all it takes. For your potential customer to become your competitor’s potential customer.   It is known that for every 1 second increase in the website loading time, a website loses 30% of its traffic.   Therefore, take all the necessary steps to make sure the loading speed of your site on mobile as well as on desktop is up to the mark.   You can use tools like Google PageSpeed to know yours.   If the speed is low, make use of methods like decreasing the image size, checking down with your host, using a CDN, and enabling compression.   If you are not sure how to do that, you can take help of a good conversion rate optimization agency for nominal prices.


4. Make Way for Smooth & Easy Navigation

It can be anything, from a bigger and better search bar, to your menu bar options. Each and every category should be distinctive and easy to explore.   The sub-categories should be properly portrayed as well.   If you think about it, this CRO service matters way too much.   How would you feel entering in a messed up shop compared to the one that is clearly organised with labelled aisles and a display map?   Make your customers wanna stay and explore.   Customize their search options according to their personal browsing history.   This will increase the chances of them making a purchase by over 28%.


5. Personalize it

Like we said in the point above, analysing and putting forward exactly what your customers like, is like tempting them with the smell of their favourite food.   Customization can go a long way, and is one of the most effective ways to increase your conversion rate.   It can be the suggestions in the search queries.   It can be personalised item listings based on their last searches.   It can also be mix and match item listings, with products from all categories that could do well with their initially purchased item.   For example, if you own a clothing and accessories site, you could suggest matching a pair of shoes, or accessories with a dress that your customer selected.   Good suggestions, as a part of conversion rate optimization, are said to increase the total cart value by over 34%.


6. Make your Descriptions Descriptive

The whole point of having a description is making people understand the product completely.   If you put two lines there with a picture and expect them to buy it, you are way off the road to conversions.   When you own an eCommerce site, you can’t provide a real-hand experience to the customers like a brick and mortar store.   The only way to assure them that they are getting good value for their money is by describing your product from tip to toe.   Just think about it.   Which site would you prefer buying from?    The one that just displays the picture of your favourite shoe    OR   The one that tells you all about its material, sole power, warranty, and the type of dressings it would match?   So, make sure your CRO agency does the needful.


7. A Social Proof for Double Assurance

You tend to buy from websites like Amazon and Flipkart the most.   Why?   Because it is used by a lot of people and has tons of social proof to prove their authenticity.   But whenever there is a new website you see scrolling around on Instagram, you are not sure.   Not sure whether it is a genuine site or not.   In that case, even if you fall in love with some products displayed, you hesitate to buy from that website.   The first reflex of anyone visiting a website for the first time is checking for reviews.   When they see people posting good stuff about it, they immediately get knocked up with a positive image, and feel like they can trust the site.   You can do a few things to increase the trust factor in your potential customers:   Make more and more existing customers leave a review by offering them something like loyalty points in return. Do expert testimonials. If you have the right budget to do it, celebrity endorsements are a big hit too.   This is one of the top tips for increasing eCommerce conversion rate.


8.  An Option of Multiple Checkout Choices

One of the main reasons why people abandon their shopping carts is the lack of checkout options.   Making them a member for sending out regular newsletters is a different thing.   But forcing them to do that, may not be a good idea.   Simply put, a person buying from you for the first time may only be a one time buyer, or maybe even a long time one but in a hurry.   But pressuring the potential customers  to sign up before cultivating a feeling of trust within them is a big mistake.   Allow for guest checkouts.   Ask your conversion rate optimization agency to take care of it, by including (cash/card/UPI) types of payment options available.   You can always poke them for signing up later on.   Actually, people would be more welcoming towards signing up once they had a successful positive experience buying from your website.

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Here we discussed some of the most advanced tips on increasing your eCommerce conversion rate.   Apart from the ones discussed above, you can always call up Ads and URL digital marketing company to help you with the SEO and CRO service of your website.   Bombarding regular newsletter with special and customized discounts.   Following up on the abandoned carts with personalised emails.    And offering multiple delivery options are other basics you can take care of.   There are a number of reasons why your conversions aren’t as high as you want them to be, but following these tips shall solve the better half of them.   For a more powerful approach, hire a good CRO agency and they shall take care of the rest.   Afterall, you do not wanna lose your potential customers to any chance, do you?

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