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Successful digitizing is all about prioritizing. Prioritizing your digital marketing goals, your target audience and zooming in the attitudes of your current and potential customers to sketch out and communicate with them in a way they prefer. 

Appearing on the first page of SERP’s still tops the list of the most effective ways to attract more audience towards your business website. But reaching that pinnacle is not a cakewalk. It entails a magic potion that comprises all the elements of modern digital marketing services in perfect balance.

Let’s acquaint you with the advanced practices of online marketing services in brief:

Earned Media:

Winning people is not an easy task but we sure make it possible! Our earned media tactics constitute all necessary and modern techniques like:

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO services range from local SEO to international SEO. Local SEO helps you build signals of relevance in a particular area and target a particular set of audience (organic SEO). Whereas, international SEO focuses on the upliftment of your website as a whole by studying the fundamentals and principles of ranking algorithms to maximize the visibility in search engines.

This includes link-building, keyword inclusion, speed optimization and fixing up everything that’s hampering the position of your website in the search pages.

  • Social Media Marketing (SMM)

A purpose-driven marketing technique that involves the promotion of websites on a famed global platform to direct maximum inbound traffic towards your website. 

Building brand awareness and generating revenues through social media giants like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram is the main aspect of this type of marketing. However, these platforms have a high reach and influence rate of around 40% of the worldwide population.

  • Digital PR

Wanna create a digital buzz? PR is the word you are looking for!

Communication is the key. Communicating brand promotion requires one to be the master of a highly illustrious skill set. And, there are a lot of aspects to digital PR like, media outreach. social influencer, community outreach, copywriting, translation and regional marketing, etc. 

These aspects put all together can help you to build a stronger brand image, reinforce company image, generate authoritative links and increase SEO visibility.

  • Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

Constituting of proven methods such as website testing, A/B testing, conversion funnel optimization, etc. Moreover, digital marketing services like CRO help improve your website conversions and turn more leads into customers. 

  • Email Marketing

A proven formula for website success, email marketing is one of the most affordable, dated and sure-shot ways to secure website leads.

Popular email marketing services include email marketing automation, email newsletter templates, email campaign planning, email list growth services and more.

According to surveys, 83% of email subscribers convert successfully into customers i.e more audience than all of the other marketing techniques combined.

  • Amazon Marketing

Perfect for product-based businesses, Amazon marketing drives your products up the top of the lists. Likewise, Amazon marketing is a new type of marketing that focuses on increasing the visibility of your product on the huge platform of Amazon.

As per the reports, 54% of product searches take place on the platform of Amazon itself that is more than all other platforms combined.

With techniques such as Amazon keywords strategy, product description optimization, headline and price optimization, paid Amazon promotions and more, your business can reach new heights in no time!

 Paid Media:

Some tactics require the potential of both the professionals and the capital. Also, these types of services are for the businesses that have already set up their base camp and are ready to amplify their sales to the fullest.

  • Google Display Advertising

Pay per impression campaigns for lead generation, company branding initiatives or even individual products can be done through critical analysis of performance goals. In addition, reviewing of historic data, developing ad copies, creating bidding strategy and optimizing landing pages also bring results. 

An analytical blend of mind and this type of powerful approach can help your brand raise its popularity index.

  • Paid Search Management

Incorporating management and analytical tools such as Google Analytics, AdEspresso, SEMRush to build keywords, develop bidding strategy and more can help your business take long strides in the marketing arena.

  • Offline Conversion Tracking

This type of tracking helps you manage your business effectively. It allows you to monitor and track all the sales that happened offline. Eventually, assisting you in getting a more comprehensive look at the target criteria and drive the most cost-effective conversions home.

  • Paid Social Advertising

Unlike conventional advertising, paid social advertising lets you engage with niche markets at a discount. Furthermore, you only pay if the user takes the actions you specified. 

This type of marketing helps you maintain your working capital. Also, it gains access to mobile users, gathers market insights, boosts brand awareness and enhances your targeting.

  • Media Buys



Not all ads are relevant to all viewers, and that’s what finding the target audience is all about.

Media buying is making an intended audience view a particular commercial, or newspaper ad directly. Second to it, this linkage of the intended audience to the ad is done to make the ad more effective. 

In addition to delivering high-grade efficiency, media buyers are market experts. Ultimately, they know exactly how to navigate digital and traditional marketplaces with your business objectives in mind.

The digital marketing companies offer a few more services like franchise marketing, Google penalty removal, etc. Next, recovery and online reputation management come as key player.

Staying ahead of the competition is what every business desires. Plus, old proven techniques is definitely gonna take your brand steps ahead and boost your ROIs.

Summing it Up:

In order to carry these services out effectively, you need to choose a company you can trust. Ads and Url excel in delivering each of the above listed modern digital marketing techniques with precision.  The results? Fast growth in your website traffic, leads turning into conversions and big ROI turnovers.  So, reach out to us and make your business dreams come true with the best internet marketing services!

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