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Are you still offline when most of your customers are available online? Or, you are still wondering why does an offline business shift to online?    As more and more users are turning to the web to shop everything from movies, books, groceries, book doctors’ appointments, etc, it is high time for you to convert your business from offline to online.    If you dread the thought of communicating with so many people in-person (online) or you are wondering that you will have to pack up your brick and mortar business, then relax! You do not need to get worried as you can run your offline business likewise by adding a crucial component ONLINE into it.   

Why go Online Business from Offline?

Your offline business is selling in a city, state, or country with its outlets. Undoubtedly, it is doing well.  How is the deal, if it sells across the world?  Superb, right?  Yes, taking it online will give you this advantage.  Are you looking for additional topping?  Well, it is there too.  How much did you spend on every outlet? So, you started calculating. You can save all this money with an online store. With a single e-commerce site, having multilingual, and different currency support, you can expand your business in each corner of the world. And, you do not spend crucial time convincing each customer. Here at the online podium, you can do online marketing by adding images, descriptions, specifications, warranty, and other factors. It is not for a single customer but it educates all of them.  So, you are ready!   Finally, you are ready to make your online move. Before you launch it, you should focus on the best guide to change the offline business into online business   Well, you want to get these tips from the top digital marketing agency. Ads and Url team is here to share the simplest yet most effective steps. Keep reading!

convert offline business to online business

Tips for Moving your Offline Business into the Online Business 

You should look for a perfect reason to shift it. It might be that you want to expand your reach on a global scale, or you want to earn more money with more users. Further, you want to experience the online business world. There might be more. Here are simple steps to convert your brick and mortar store into an online one. Here is how to plunge into the web world journey with the simplest tips? 


1. Start Auditing by Existing Brand 

You cannot move your offline business online blindly as there are many factors that you need to ponder over. Think about all the things like are you selling those products that are in high demand among users? Or, are you going to offer those services that are always requested (these come with flourishing leads)?

This step is vital as high-demand services or products can impact the foundation of business in the longer run. Jot down everything that you have in your offline business and include those that need to be included. 

The next thing is whether you are happy with your existing brand identity?  If you are, it is great. And, if you are not, then you should revamp it with a brand-new logo, color theme, tagline, and more. You can start creating your online brand presences through various digital marketing services.

2. Define your Online Customers 

Having spent considerable time in the offline world, you know who are the potential customers in the offline business. Now, it is time to explore the ways to reach your web users. Focus on a few queries, are these queries same as offline? Or, you need to explore the market at a wider scale?  Here, you can take the help of existing data, conduct broader research, and build a buyers’ persona for shifting your offline business to an online one. The buyer persona may include personality, demographics, goals, behavior patterns. The more details you gather, the better it is for your business digital marketing.


3. Own a Superb e-Commerce Store 

A website development for your online business presence is like a roof over the head. Invest A-class resources to create an A-class online store.  First, map out an action plan and then buy a domain name. Don’t panic, talk to people (who already own an online store), hire a web development agency, get well-written content, an interactive design, and much more. With all these good steps, you will get the best web store for your business. 

4. Create an eCommerce Marketing Plan 

Well, you are done with auditing your brand strategy, your target audience, their needs, solutions to resolve their problems, etc. Now, all this research work will help you make a solid digital marketing strategy. This is helpful as you need to know your audience before you make a marketing plan. 


 5. Launch Your Online Business through a Blog 

This is a great step to write a blog based on the business process, your story, about your experience, and more. This way, you can start building your audience before you move online.  If you feel that you could not write good blogs on your own, then you can hire a professional blogger. 

6. Create a Content and Promotion Strategy

Yes, before you hire a writer, you should set up a content strategy along with the digital marketing plan of your content.  You can opt for setting up an editorial calendar on a spreadsheet or Trello. Once you create it, keep filling it with topics that resolve or answer the queries or concerns of your potential audience. You can also get some topics or keywords from your offline business that you want to rank in search results, such as newsworthy content, service or product pages, etc to keep the blog fresh. If you keep the topics filled in advance, your writer will have enough topics to write. 

7. Post on Social Media 

Posting only blogs won’t bring desired results. You will have to earn customers from social media channels as well. Social media is an important platform to increase business in digital marketing services. So, make social media accounts (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter) with your brand name. It is good to have an account on all platforms but post according to the audience. For instance, if you are targeting youngsters, Instagram is more effective. Facebook is good to go for middle-aged.  Keep posting, and a few months later, your analytics will show leads, engagement, and conversions. 

8. Solid Customer Support 

You were handling customers’ queries face-to-face when you were offline. But handling them over the web is completely different. The internet enables you to resolve their queries by diverse means such as FAQs, sales webinars, calling, emails, and more.  Offline you have certain hours to serve your customers. However, you will have to remain available 24*7 over the web. As you do not need to present physically then you can spend a good time in revenue generation and other business activities. 


After reading the blog, you must have started looking for a professional agency. No matter what sort of business you own, Ads and Url, a leading digital marketing agency, is ready to take your offline business online. 

For any query, talk to our amazing customer support team who can help you create an interactive store, set up web pages, upload a customer list, setting up your automated list, and branding your brand among potential customers.

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