8 Reasons Why WordPress Is Better Than Other CMS?

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For website building, many programming languages and web development services are used these days. But WordPress has retained its position at every website development agency since its launch in 2003. Every website owner knows the advantage of choosing WordPress CMS for their website. Most business owners find it a safe platform as it allows to build anything from a simple blog to a thriving online store. This platform is simple to use, flexible, and powerful according to your specific website development requirements.

What is WordPress CMS?

WordPress is the most used CMS (content management system) for any web development company across the world. It is an open-source and free platform that has powered 75+ million websites by now. It has a wise community of web developers who have built themes, plugins, and a widget to help the business owners to launch their websites.

Why WordPress is the Best CMS in 2020?

This question is raised so frequently that why do we choose WordPress CMS for website development? So, the same question has surrounded your mind: why will WordPress stay dominant in 2020? In this blog, we will answer these queries. Stay tuned!


8 Top Reasons to Choose WordPress CMS!

There are many things that compel business people across the world to opt for a WordPress content management system. Here are the reasons:

An Old and Reliable Player

Launched back in 2003, when even the idea of a content management system or a blogging website was not there, it won a special place among the website owners. Sometimes, we say that once in is always in. Right from the time it appeared in the digital world, it became the most sought-after platform from programmers to business owners with little or even no knowledge. As per stats, more than 500 websites are built using WordPress CMS every day. And, this increases the demand of a web development company. It seems clear that WordPress is here to stay at no.1 position even after the years to come.

Open Source

It is free software. This means that one can download, install, modify, and modify this platform to suit their unique needs. One can use it for building any sort of website. To get-go, you only require a domain name and web hosting for installing it.

It is among the best benefits of wordpress that it will never make your online domain weak. Indeed, by using WordPress, you can boost your security with a few special plugins. Presently, there are 2600+ themes and 31000+ plugins of WordPress available online. To use them, you only require a structural domain and a website.

Easy to Customize

Any business owner does not want to stay stuck with a cookie-cutter website. They will never have to get stuck anytime with WordPress. WordPress theme system allows implementing design quickly. You just need to buy a one-time license (for premium theme). With this, you will receive detailed documentation as well as preset layouts for different use cases.

Its developers’ community is available easily. Whenever you need any assistance, you can get support with ease. The customization process is simple to follow and it does not take ages to customize or modify something you want during Website development.

Themes and Plugins

WordPress functionality is vast with tons of plugins available both free and paid. For each theme, either it is a design or a layout for a frontend site. A plugin displayed within a WordPress gallery comes with an individual user review. This way, these will function while putting into genuine practice by a web development company.

You can also notice that when the plugin or theme was last updated. If it has been more than a year, then it might be good to try another (keep adapting to the major updates). There are many plugins and themes online, you will require doing deep research to ensure that they will work well together. Many plugins such as BuddyPress (a full package of social networking platforms) can work under particular themes. Plus, you should also purchase unique plugins and themes for unique features.

Community Support

WordPress has a big list of themes and plugins. However, it is not possible that one will never get stuck somewhere while using them. Here as well, WordPress comes out the winner with rich community support. Its community forum is handled by WordPress lovers and employees. If you do not get your answer in the forum, you can post your inquiries. WPBeginner.com is one of the best platforms (articles) if you want to get your answers via blogs or articles. The users who have used WordPress know its flexibility and ease to use so they are always ready to help others. All these things make the WordPress community the strongest one.

Security Access

It is the world’s largest website-building and blogging platform. It is crucial for you to safeguard your content from the spam attacks. WordPress websites are attacked as they are available in bulk. No worry! It has got many plugins to keep the CMS secure and safe. Its plugins of security are one of the best benefits of choosing WordPress CMS. Make sure you invest only in a secure theme and go for a backup service like ValutPress. A lot of paid or free plugins are available to choose from. Check all the possibilities before you seal the deal.

Accessibility and Versatility

Content management system WordPress is good for every type of website such as news portals, e-commerce websites, corporate pages, blogs, and more. For instance, it is the best CMS for one-page or landing page websites. Using existing themes, one can build the best website with the best features to attract new customers. With the best user experience, you can earn new and retain old customers. Additionally, everyday bloggers, website owners, and writers can add & renew the pages, edit, and update the content.

WordPress the best CMS for SEO

Every website owner years for ranking on the first page of major search engines. And, WordPress has the capability to rank you there with its rich SEO potential. You can download this content management to boost its functionality and enhance the domain’s optimization. With WordPress CMS, the search engines start liking your website. The reason behind is that this platform has been written by using easy compliance and clean coding. So, it has the ability to provide you with semantic markups. Its logical and responsive design appeals to the search engines and they have a specific preference for this well-known content management system. This platform offers each post and page unique meta tag keywords. Hence, it ensures more search engine optimization.

Wrapping Up

So, these were the top reasons for choosing WordPress for website development. Above all, the main advantage of having WordPress to build a website is that it is the most affordable platform with abundant features. There are many developers available to work on WordPress CMS. Due to fierce competition, don’t get lured by cheaper web development services as you may get into fake hands. Choose a reliable and best website development company in India. Ads and Url top the list having hired the bes WordPress developers. Want to know about our web development services, or share your project details? We are all ears! You can give us a buzz anytime or email us.

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