7 Reasons Why Web Development and SEO are Directly Proportional

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There is a robust connection between search engine optimization and web development. 

Web design has a lasting impact on the ranking of a website. If your web development strategy does not align with your SEO services, then you might come across many problems in the ranking chart of your business website. 

How about your website? Is it well-aligned with the help of professional SEO services? If it is not, you want to know the right ways to align it. In this blog, we will discuss the proven tactics to align website development with SEO services. Let’s read them all.


7 Tactics To Align Web Development and SEO Services Together 


1. Focus on User-Friendliness 

Google wants you to impress your visitor with the relevance and quality of your website. For this, Google tracks the user-experience offered by a website and how it has been spiced up with professional SEO services?. With its special parameters, the search engine giant can trace whether it is able to impress the users or not. 

This means that you need to ensure that you always provide something interesting and appealing to your website. A good website design must be followed by interactive elements. To earn the attention, you should share crucial information, videos, pictures, and more. 

The website developers ensure a smooth website’s navigation boosted by different categories to make the search simpler. This allows users to make any search easily and quickly. It not only reduces the bounce rate but also enhances the referral rate. This makes the ranking of your website better with the help of SEO experts.


2. Mobile-Ready

More than half of the world is using mobile devices for almost every task from booking a movie ticket to reading the daily news. More than 50% of traffic comes through mobile devices. So, is your website development strategy ready for mobile? This step is an integral part of the search engine optimization process. Web developers give a lot of attention to the website’s mobile optimization during the design and development process. With the increasing popularity of mobile, Google came up with a new ranking factor named mobile-first indexing. Thus, a responsive website (fits into all screen sizes) is crucial for SEO marketing

3. Meta Description Tags 

Meta description tags do not influence the ranking directly. Your meta description is a kind of advertisement of your content for a particular page for search engine optimization efforts. Meta is important as it earns clicks for you. And, you can avail better visibility with the help of these clicks and drive more users to your website. 

SEO Experts Bring the Best Results by Meta Description

  • They describe the page content superbly.

  • Include natural and the most relevant keywords. 

  • Improve the click-through rates by advertising the page. 

  • Think as per users’ thoughts and find reasons to click on the page. 


This is the impact of professional SEO services that the search engines start highlighting search terms (with the help of meta and page title) that helps users search the page.  Make sure you don’t spam meta descriptions as Google will never consider you by doing so. As a result, you will remain devoid of good clicks. Consider the areas where meta descriptions are not required and you should remember that it does not cover all the sections of a lengthy write-up.

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4. Navigation Plays a Big Role

Web developers remain focused on the website’s overall user experience, look, and feel. Both web designers and developers take care of a page’s visual elements and the way customers interact with certain elements. They ensure that things stay as simple as possible. If they want to align their efforts with SEO experts, they need to stay focused on their navigation efforts to keep the search engine optimization process healthy. 

The primary navigation owns standard category pages. For instance, there is a category page of clothes (and it has subsections like men’s clothing, pants, and images of different types of pants, such as joggers, corduroys, and more). If you offer detailed navigation with proper subcategory pages, then it supports you in SEO service

Further, these subcategory pages should be rich with the target keywords to attain a higher ranking on the Google Search Engine Results Page (SERP). If you own a large eCommerce store with thousands of products, then website navigation becomes more crucial. 


5. Website Speed 

The loading speed owns a deep connection between web development and SEO service. Your website design should not be cluttered with heavy images and videos. The time your website takes to load is a crucial factor for both search engines and users. 

Think on a personal scale that if you try to open a website and it does not load fast it may frustrate you. Search engines trace such websites and even penalize them for their slow performance by not paving their way toward a higher ranking chart. 

Fast loading speed is really important for all screens from the desktop to a smartphone. So, make sure your website loads fast as it helps in the search engine optimization process. 


6. Content Quality

Website content is the most essential factor for web development and SEO service. Unlike mobile compatibility and website speed (both are technical areas), having good quality content on the website is a creative and subjective side of your website development.

Quality and relevance are defined as content that is potential enough to engage the audience as well as persuade them to take action. That action may include form submission, phone call, email, or any other way to know about your website. 


7. Ensure a Good Website With Good SEO Marketing 


The quality of a website with professional SEO services is important. If the website is good and SEO is not good then you cannot perform well. Similarly, if search engine optimization is good, and your website is not good, then you cannot go longer. 

These two are the power of each other and work wonders together. These two give your business the best platform to achieve your goals to drive maximum traffic and convert new customers. When search engines and visitors find a website that is mobile responsive, fast, has superb content, and correctly optimized, it increases the chances to generate real results. It enhances the count of visitors on your website, their dwell time on the website that leads to conversion as well as return. 

Wrapping Up

So, when professional SEO services are aligned with professional web development they are bound to bring more visitors with a great search graph. If you want to work with SEO experts for better opportunities, prospects, and leads. Rely on the Ads n Url team for SEO marketing. Let’s talk about your project. 

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