6 Tips To Increase Conversion Rate Optimization Via YouTube

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He who doth know the way of YouTube marketing, the best way, shalt possess the power of the internet!   Video, as a part of marketing strategy, is as old as social media. What has changed is the notion of how to use it most effectively. In today’s digital ecosystem, video is no longer just ‘nice to have’, but a total ‘must-have’ part of your marketing strategy.    When you ask your friends/colleagues about which online video platform they use, the most common answer you will hear is YouTube. It is the largest video hosting platform and the second most visited website after Google.   YouTube reports about 1 billion users per month; sounds like a social media gold-mine, right? Well, yes! Every day, it has a record of over five billion videos watched. It holds the power to make your business/brand a sensation overnight. The best part? It’s free to upload your videos on YouTube. With that said, YouTube is an awesome platform to increase conversion rate optimization and grow your audience.  

A Bit About YouTube 

YouTube has over 1.8 billion users who log in every month. Since YouTube videos are uploaded and hosted on multiple channels, you get a chance to build a bunch of dedicated subscribers.

With YouTube, you get a variety of advertising options to refine targeting by location, demographic and interest. The best part? Advertisers only pay when their ads are viewed.

How You Can Use YouTube Video To Increase Conversion Rate Optimization? 

“YouTube campaigns are driving brand impact.” – Google

YouTube is a good platform for any type of advertising. 64% of users are likely to buy online after watching a video – that’s a huge number and incredibly valuable. With that said, we have listed down some of the super simple tips/practices, rolled out by our conversion rate optimization experts, to market your business and help you dramatically increase conversion rate via YouTube. 

Conversion Rate optimization

 6 Tips to Increase Conversion Rate Optimization 

  • Tip 1: Know your Audience 

For YouTube marketing conversion, it’s important to know what your prospective audience likes. Make sure you know whom to target to narrow down your video’s reach only to those specific audiences you know will be most receptive to it. 

To add to your comfort, YouTube allows advertisers to target affinity audiences (people who have expressed an interest in similar products/services as those you offer) and custom intent audiences (reaches people who have recently searched for keywords relevant to your products/services).

  • Tip 2: Use Custom and Eye-Catching Thumbnails 

Your thumbnail would be the very first thing that will get people to click your video. An eye-catching thumbnail catches the gaze of the onlooker compelling him/her to stop and click. Thumbnails are almost self-explanatory and give your viewers a glimpse of what the video is about.   Moreover, customized and distinctive thumbnails can create a strong brand identity and brand recognition, and increase customer engagement. 

Therefore, for Youtube Marketing Conversion you need custom thumbnails. They increase your click-through rates and boost the ranking of your content. Go with attention-grabbing headlines and, most importantly, intriguing thumbnails to drive clicks.  P.S: Keep your YouTube thumbnails in high resolution. According to Google, YouTube thumbnail resolution should be exactly 1280×720 (with a minimum width of 640 pixels).

  • Tip 3: Maintain the Consistency of your Video Style  

Keeping your branding consistent is important to boost conversion rate optimization and increase your sales faster than ever. It’s as simple as ABC; Stay consistent with upload time, video length and your niche. It will help you build your following.

If you are uploading one video this week, four in the next, two in the week after and then publishing after a month or so, you’d slowly start to lose interest. According to the experience of the cro company, to keep people interested and coming back for more, you need to be regular and keep pushing out fresh content. Be an active video publisher.

Align your content with people’s typical schedules to pull in traffic, drive sales and hit the bull’s eyes. Don’t forget to pay attention to the length of the video. Keep the length almost the same length; short and sweet. This is one of the best tips for Youtube Marketing Conversion. If you are not able to devise a plan on how to begin with, take help of our conversion rate optimization experts.

  • Tip 4: Use CTAs in Every Video  

Google reports that YouTube increases conversion rate up to 150% year over year.

Instead of waiting for someone to like your video, tell them to do it! When you say it, it triggers them in their mind to take that particular action. The best way to accomplish this task is by advertising your products/services at the end of the video.

Lead the viewers where you want them to go via a Call to Action (CTA) button. Try to get into their mind and whisper that this is what they should do next. To boost conversion further, you can go come up with something like a discount/offer/promotion synchrony with the click. Let them know how your offer is too good to miss.    This method is religiously used by the cro company to push their audience in the right direction and make a decision. This method is incredibly simple, drives tons of traffic and increases conversion rate optimization.

  • Tip 5: Build Trust via Community Management


Building trust is important. Respond to your viewers’ comments or questions timely and see how that increases conversion rate and clicks to your website. It isn’t time-consuming; will take only 20-30 minutes of your time per day.

  • Tip 6: Follow the Above-Mentioned Tips! 


Signing Off 

YouTube marketing is here to stay and isn’t going down anytime soon in the foreseeable future. So conversion rate optimization experts are trying out multiple ways to boost conversions through this. It’s your turn now! Create interesting videos, implement these tips to your video marketing campaign and keep your audience engaged with your brand. 


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