6 MVP Development Ideas Which Help to Grow ROI In 2020

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Unsure how a business idea would play out?

Or if the returns are going to be enough?

MVP development services are here to knock the doubts off the table.

For those of you who are unaware of this sustainable option;


What is MVP Development?

MVP – Minimum Viable Product is an idea or concept that has been integrated with only the core features to see if it lures enough customers and is worth investing more money upon.


What this means is, you don’t have to invest in a full-scale development of a product before launching it in the market.

Just put in the features that you think will do well and set it out for launch.

Know if the product is doing well or catching up to the target market, and then you can launch the complete product with all the features you intend to later on.  

Why is MVP Development a Popular Choice Among Startups & Businesses? 


Minimum Viable Product Development not only gives you a safer investment plan, but also helps you dwell upon the needs of your target market.   For example, about a few years ago, an AR based game Pokemon Go was launched (without complete development).   When the trend started catching up all around the world, the developers of the application took account of all the features that were demanded by their audience in the beta version.   After a few months, the MVP development company laid out the complete, or modified version for downloads.   It included all the features the developers intended and the ones that were expected by the audience as well.   The rest is history.   Pokemon Go is named as one of the best grossing games, bringing in a business of roughly 3.6 billion dollars till date.

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6 MVP Development Business Ideas for 2020


Want to reach the same heights? Follow the same example.   Invest in a good MVP development company and see if your idea turns out to be the best.   That being said, we have some of the greatest ideas for you to brainstorm and invest upon.   2020 is the year of technology and sustainable development.   And keeping that in mind, we are sure that the following recommendations will work out beautifully.


1. Augmented Reality and VR 

    Technology has become more and more overwhelming with the passing years.    And AR/VR has become a vital part of it.   The most recognisable example of AR/VR can be of playstations and Xbox.   People are getting more and more addicted to it.   The next best example can be of websites like lenskart using this feature to help make ecommerce shopping a more immersive experience.   People can try out different frames right in the comfort of their own homes and make better decisions.   Using this idea for minimum viable product development can futureproof your company.    

2. Artificial Intelligence (AI) 


Another technology that has got the millenials swayed is AI.   Not only has it helped brush up the robotics sector of business, but it also has given rise to a lot of website features.   Be it auto-generated emails, automatic 24×7 chat support, or virtual assistants like Siri and Alexa.   MVP software development in this sector can reap some real good returns.    

3. 3D Printing


3D printers are so widely used by masses now that even students got their own for school projects.   The use of 3D printers as of now is relatively more in the western countries like the US, but it sure is catching up.   The best part about 3D printing is, you can actually deliver the prototypes of your products for people to know how exactly it is gonna turn out.   Not only does this help people decide whether they want your product or not, it helps your business save a lot of bucks by avoiding unnecessary production.   So with MVP product management, you can only produce as per the actual demand.    

4. Diet Food

    The concept of diet and exercise are so deeply intertwined that it is hard to say one without the other.   While gymnasiums have taken over every nook and corner of the country, what stays unfulfilled is the need for healthy food.   As more and more people are gaining consciousness towards healthy living, they are looking for options to find good food outlets more readily and easily.   And as much as we love eating, the food business is something that can never actually blow off.   People live, people eat. And vice-versa.   So investing in MVP development services for a healthy food station seems only smart.    

5. Waste Management 

    Effective waste management strategies have become more and more crucial for the coming years.   Which means any business who gets MVP product management in such a sector shall reap great benefits.   India alone produces about 62 million tonnes of waste every year, of which only 15% gets processed currently.   Just imagine how big the market for such a business idea would be.    

 6. Interactive Games/Entertainment


People are always in need for some or the other type of entertainment.   Something which is readily available, aces the list.   One can hire an MVP development company to help them pitch an idea you have regarding the same in the market.   It works for all age groups and types. People need entertainment in life as much as they need food!




As these trends continue to emerge in 2020, business minds strive to dwell upon them to gain the highest returns.   What makes it a safer bet for startups is the MVP development services that helps them measure the depth of their ideas without investing much.   For bigger sharks, this becomes even better as they have nothing to lose.   Facebook, Twitter, Uber, etc. all are the finest examples of the successful MVP development.   So, in case you are looking for an above par MVP development company, check out the website of Ads N Url.   With these latest tools and best strategies at hand, your’s can be the next million dollar company.  

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