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iOS – the current most famous mobile operating system, is a patented technology owned by the world renowned brand Apple.

Currently, over a billion people use iOS operated systems worldwide and the popularity is only increasing day by day.

With such statistics at hand, it becomes more or less predictable that a flair in iOS application development will only mean better opportunities for developers.

Today, the most common programming language used for iOS app development is Swift. 

The ease and productivity it offers has made iOS app development an attractive prospect for developers in the making.

And of course, what is a tool man without tools?

Which is why we are here to discuss the best tools in the market available as of now to help developers create some stunning and qualitatively purpose-solving apps.

In the light of taking the development game to a whole new level altogether!

advantages of iOS app development

5 Effective & Trending iOS App Development Tools 

The tools for the iOS app development we are going to cover are:

  • Backend Services

  • Documentation and Storage

  • Debugging tools

  • Revision Control

  • Designing Tools


1. Backend Services 

Developers often are faced with challenges to provide extra functionality in their iphone app development like push notifications, ability to connect with other servers (bank, data sharing, etc.). 

These iOS development tools can help to build it all up in the smoothest and quickest manner.

  • Parse 


Parse is an open-source, powerful backend tool for iOS development that helps you develop solutions easier and faster.

It supports a wide range of advanced features like global configuration, background dashboard, queries optimizers, and automatic backups. 

Since the tool is hosted on AWS, you can easily find all the information or help you need in case of any challenges faced. This makes it a popular choice among iOS app development comanies.

  • Firebase 


Firebase is a resourceful project made by Google which serves as an API, datastore and server at the same time.

This means that you basically don’t need to write any code, and the iOS application development tool can help you update and sync data to all your clients in real-time!

In case any of the devices don’t have the connectivity to update to the real-time changes, they get uploaded as soon as the device regains its connection to the internet.

It also includes crash reports and a test lab where you can edit your saved codes.


2. Documentation & Storage


Only programmers know the value of true documentation during the process of iOS app development (especially during initial stages).


So to curb those dilemmas, here are some of the best tools for you to work with.

  • Dash

It offers offline access to more than 200 API documentations. 

Which is why most of the iOS app development companies use this software.

It is both a code snippet manager and an API documentation browser so you can create your own docsets, and then choose exactly which documentation set to download.

It can also work well with third party sources and a lot of plugins.

  • Jazzy

This tool can work well for both Swift and Objective-C languages of iphone app development.

Jazzy is said to produce more accurate results by using SourceKit of the original code.

It also creates a standalone website with each part of your code and the corresponding documentation.


3. Debugging Tools 


Debugging tools are important to analyse problems and fix the error points during iOS development.

It helps in constant upgradation of any app and promotes smoother functioning.

  • iOS Console 

A free-source log viewer, iOS Console allows you to view and obtain logs directly from your Mac.   The iphone app development tool shows all the information logged on by any synced iOS device which makes it easier to find a specific message.   You can also add a marker in a log to find it more easily.    

  • Hyperion

This iOS app development tool can be integrated in any iOS app to inspect your programs (animations, attributes, measurements, etc.).   It is freely available and consists of three plugins by default – The slow animations plugin, measurement plugin, and view inspector to check the properties of a view.


4. Revision Control 

Revision control iOS development tools are important to track and store all changes made by different individuals.

  • Source 

This efficient code editor features syntax highlighting for over hundred languages.   It provides integrated coding keyboard and common programming characters that can be used as a third party keyboard.   You can also branch, pull, and push specific integrations for Gitlab, Github, and Bitbucket with this iOS application development tool.

  • Working Copy 

Yet another powerful Git client, Working Copy supports syntax highlighting for over 50 languages. It also has a built-in color picker.   You can easily markdown and preview HTML files, clone the repositories, and work with any Git repository with it.


5. Designing Tools 

Designing phase is one of the most important phases of iOS app development.   As to create an interesting design, one often needs inspiration at times as well.    These tools help you get just the right amount of inspiration and create great designs flawlessly.

  • Flawless 

Flawless is a plugin app that is integrated inside Xcode.   It helps you compare and implement designs in real time.   All you need to do is put your initial design on top of your implementation on the simulator.   This not only helps you spot any visual differences but also helps you fix them aptly.

  • Dribbble

One of the most popular platforms for designers available out there, Dribbble makes it to our list of the best iOS application development tools.   Here you can find a lot of creative ideas and designs for your new app just by searching ‘iOS’.   You can explore a multiple of UI elements, full-screen immersive designs, icons, etc.   In case of any discrepancy, you can also get in touch with their creators.

  • HAIKU 

This iOS app development tool can be a perfect solution for developers looking out for animations and interactive UIs.   Haiku helps develop a native code which can be automatically updated in all the iOS apps you design.


iOS app development


Ready to start?   The tools mentioned above have been chosen over hundreds of others available due to their exceptional scope of work and ease in handling.   But since everybody has flair with different forms of platforms, we have provided 2-3 choices in each category that can work well for most of you. Whether you work in a startup, or an established iOS app development company, these tools can come in handy. To know more about advanced IT solutions, visit the official website of Ads N Url – The Top Mobile App Development Company in India.


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