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Who All Are Using React Native?

In this piece, we’ve shared the most popular React Native apps and discussed what makes React Native the most recommended framework.

Do you want to build an app that works for both Android and iOS? Well, React Native is the latest buzzword when it comes to building cross-platform apps.

React Native is a cross-platform native mobile app development framework where a single code base makes it possible to build your app once and deploy it everywhere.

Being one of the most reliable and powerful cross-platform development tools, React Native is used by the world’s tech giants to build their mobile apps.

In this blog, we showcase some of the top mobile apps that are made using React Native and why this technology has earned trust from world-known giants.

Keep reading to check whether React Native might be the right fit for your business.

Top Amazing Apps that are built using React Native

There’s no doubt the framework is popular among the biggest players in the industry. Let’s see who chose to React Native.


Though Facebook was launched in the year 2004, it continues to enjoy higher uptake among people of all age groups than any other social networking apps.

Well, if you are living under a rock, Facebook is the company that released React Native in 2015. Hence, it only makes sense for Facebook to leverage the power of its own creation.

Eventually, FB was set on staying a website but with the passage of time, it decided to bring all the benefits of web development to mobile. This paved the way for React Native. The technology is utilized in the Android and iOS version of the Facebook app.

Not only the app but Facebook Ads Manager (a place for the businesses and marketers to manage Facebook Ads) is also built entirely on React Native.


Instagram is unarguably another popular social networking platform that is owned by Facebook. It boasts of 1 billion monthly active users with 500 million+ using the platform every day.

After Facebook acquired Instagram in 2014, it was just a matter of time before the development team started rewriting the app using React Native.

Implementing React Native allowed the team to deliver the improvised features much faster to both iOS and Android apps. The most significant effect that Instagram observed after rendering React Native was hassle-free maintenance for both Android and iOS platforms.


Skype, a product of Microsoft that has its own popular platform independent software called Xamarin, gave a surprise to all by using React Native.

It is evidence to prove React Native’s immense popularity as a platform independent software. Before React Native, this Microsoft-owned app was suffering from several issues. The users felt that the overall layout and its components were dull and outdated enough for the users to retreat. This compelled the instant switch to React Native based development without any second thought.

From the icons to the entire layout and a few neat features, the app got a complete makeover.


Founded by Elon Musk, Tesla is a renowned name in the world of electric cars. The biggest brand in the electrical motor industry, Tesla configured React Native into its app solution.

The purpose of an app is to spot and locate a vehicle, as well as partially control it with the medium of a smartphone.

The app is rich in features like finding and removing faults. React Native is the ultimate solution for such complex solutions.

The app is available for both Android and iOS users.


Another popular app, Airbnb, allows users to enjoy their vacation at a much smaller price, is built using React Native.

Initially, there were certain issues with the app management that introduces errors in the data shown in the final output.

That is when the team decided to integrate the React Native framework into their mobile app. The key advantage of using technology is its ability to reuse the code and easy refactoring as well.


One of the world’s largest retailers, Walmart is also on the list of React Native users. Earlier, Walmart proved its mettle with Node.js on its shelf. Fast forward a few years, it leveraged the power of React Native to improve customer experience.

The company managed to improve the performance of the app (on both Android and iOS) in much shorter time and fewer resources. The development along with the addition of better features was completed in no time, giving Walmart the benefit of providing a better, smoother experience to its customers very quickly.


This globally renowned food delivery biz by Uber, Uber Eats, has been engineering React Native to its app to offer a wonderful UI/UX experience to its clients.

Initially, due to limited functionalities, Uber Eats was having a tough time having no sound & push notifications, seamlessly connecting all three parties i.e. restaurants, customers & deliver-partners and rendering the existing restaurant dashboard from web to mobile. That is when they decided to go with React Native.

By using React Native, UberEats has been able to connect the restaurants, driver-partners and foodies. User friendly features such as scalability, facility of e-payment, usage of local workabilities, etc., have helped UberEats to utilize React Native and help developers fulfill their marketplace requirements.


In case you are not aware, Wix is an online web hosting and design service company that allows anyone, even a non-technical person, to build their websites or apps with simple drag and drop utilities.

The challenge with Wix was it has over 100 million+ user base. Hence, a substantial number of users call in for a supportive framework to take care of this huge base. Also, the users wanted to build websites using an app and so Wix turned to React Native to scale quickly.

The development team at Wix chose to shift to React Native for its speed and efficiency. Moreover, since React Native is open source and free, this influenced the team more towards the technology.


With a whooping 24.48 million visitors, Myntra app required a quick, efficient and easy to scale solution.

React Native came as a knight in the shining armour. The company adopted the technology as soon as it was released. ‘Choosing React Native for redesigning the apps was completely worth the effort’, presses Param Aggarwal, a software developer at Myntra.

Myntra has been rendering this technology to design its app as RN supports bulk scaling. React Native has been significant in restyling Myntra by offering an attractive user interface and delightful user experience.


When Bloomberg decided to go mobile, it wanted a good quality solution to offer their users an advanced and personalized experience. That’s when React Native was thought of and leveraged into their Android and iOS apps.

The cross-platform framework allowed the development team of Bloomberg to quickly rebuild the consumer app for both Android and iOS effortlessly.

Though redesigning the app was a huge challenge, the outcome was worth every effort. By implementing React Native, Bloomberg’s dev team redeveloped the mobile application and also introduced various new, innovative features. The team managed to rewrite the app in a short time span of 5 months; roughly half of the time than any other technology.

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Why are the largest companies using React Native?

Ever since its inception, developers have adopted this framework for cross-platform app development.

Read on to know why everyone – from startups to established – are switching to the React Native framework. Listed below are some of the top reasons to choose React Native for your next app development.

Cross-platform app development: First of all, React Native supports cross-platform app development. Here you create one codebase that works on both Android and iOS. Think about how much time, money and efforts you save.

You don’t need two separate development teams for two platforms. You just develop faster and get more out of your budget.

Reduce Development Complexity: React Native turns complex tasks simple using easy to read code. React Native uses The UI library made by facebook to create simple to understand and implementable React JS.

Looks like a Native app: Apps built with React Native have native UI elements. The technology takes the building blocks from the native UI and integrates it with its own Javascript. This results in apps working and looking like Native apps where the user experience is enhanced multi-folds.

Ready-made solutions and libraries: React Native offers its admirers and supporters plenty of ready-made solutions and libraries to facilitate easy development. These tools and libraries help you easily move heavy computation towards the server and build cloud-native apps.

Supported by Facebook: Do we need to say anything else now? React Native was created by Facebook and of course, these people won’t suggest anything bad. Facebook is constantly updating the framework to make it more robust and feature-rich.

Moreover, React Native is adopted by even the biggies in the industry such as Tesla, Skype, Instagram, Pinterest and Bloomberg. Hence it doesn’t look like it will slow down any time in the future.

Is React Native the right pick for your next app?

With multiple React Native apps popping out every day, the technology is proving to be a feasible alternative to the native app development offering a wide range of possibilities.

Yes – React Native is amazing! So, if you are thinking about which technology you should choose for mobile app development, React Native is worth considering.

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