11 Hacks To Process Android App Development Project Successful

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There is a thought process among many business owners that Android app development is a hard nut to crack.   It is analyzed by their frequent searches on Google about Android development. They have many questions regarding hiring Android app development services. Are you one of them? If yes, let me tell you that the Android project does not have to be complicated. It is just like creating an app for any other application development project. The process I am going to share through this blog, will help you work with the best Android app development company for your next big Android application.  

11 Hacks Of Process To Follow to ensure Success of your Android App Development Project 

1. Share your Idea and Get it Shaped 

Either you are a startup or the owner of an enterprise, the idea is the pillar of a successful application. Before you share it with an Android app development company, ponder over some crucial questions like:

  • Which problem will the app resolve? 

  • What will be the value proposition and key functionalities? 

  • Who are your target customers? 

Make sure your app is going to solve a problem or brings fun for the users. If your idea is strong, then the developers will shape it into something bigger.


2. Design Elements 

When you hire Android app development services, it is best to go for KISS principle Keep It Simple Stupid. Each design element should be unique and add value to the app idea. 

Ponder over the principles and go for the best ones including high fidelity UX, low fidelity UX, animations, illustrations, and what goes right according to your app goals. You should decide design elements after reading Android design guidelines by Google. The guidelines include patterns or layout, style, color scheme, and more.   You can bring a difference with sound effects and transition (this can enhance user experience).

3. Selection of Technology 


If you have a good knowledge of technology, you can select the right technology for your app. If you don’t, you can rely on the team of your Android app development agency. Java remains the first priority for Android application development. Now, Google has announced Kotlin is the official language for Android. Developers choose Kotlin or Java according to the project priorities.


4. Choosing APIs 

Selection of APIs is really crucial to ensure that from where the data will come? It becomes more vital when we all demand an app to be responsive. You should avoid processing hard to comprehend logic by the Android system. Instead, you should use the backend. The backend app will process the data and API calls keep the data ready for your mobile application. Further, you should try to accelerate the process with external services. For instance, easy-to-use libraries will help you integrate several features quickly. With the right APIs, you can save a lot of time such as preparing multiple configuration files, separate authentication keys, registration of devices & test users, and more.

5. Supported System Versions

It is an important decision to make if you want to ensure the success of your Android project. Android has a fragmented market and it is quite difficult to offer all the latest features to your target audience at the same time maintaining device support.    If more platforms are on your list, then this means that your development time will extend. The reason is the app will require more features to be coded for each selected version. Here comes the role of a good Android application development company that takes responsibility to work according to different versions. 

Android app development

6. Usability Testing 

It is a really crucial step to ensure the success of an app. Here, the details are identified for testing. The details include usage by the user and comparing if it achieved previous objectives.    This testing plays an important role as it is tested by the end-users and colleagues before you launch it on the app store. Their responses give you a hint of whether it will be a big hit or not. 


7. Social Media Integration 

If you integrate social media channels with your application, then you can ease the path of its promotion. More and more users are on social media channels when they discover your Android app, they will share screens, in-app content, etc, with others.  This will help your app to gain visibility, users, and communities. And, this will help make your app successful. 

8. Plan Launching

Now, you are done with design, development, testing, and all the required steps, it is time to deploy your app. All you need is a meticulous plan and schedule. Before you trigger release, ensure that you are done with all the required testing.  Integrate analytics tools such as Google Analytics, Mixpanel, Appsee, and more to get an in-depth review of the target users.  Collect the metrics to conduct a successful launch. Make sure that the recorded data is 100% accurate. Some simple ways of tracking are: sales funnel tracking (comprehend why ad clicks are not good?), user data correlation (user demographic and user behavior indicators analysis), and work on other insights before launch.

9. Feature Improvement

Once you have metrics with you, it becomes essential to upgrade your Android application with required improvements. If you do not upgrade it, then it may lose its usability in the future. You do not have to continue with this practice only ones but you should keep updating your app in the future to meet the ever-changing needs of the users. Keep the security aspect of your application on first priority. 

10. Market an App

Google Play store is the main distribution channel of the Android application. John Dinsmore, a well-known mobile application market researcher, says that focus on the quality of your application and all will be good. If your app is able to work well and offer value then it can stay on the top with healthy growth. Keep these mantras in mind while marketing your application: Make sure your app has been categorized in the app store with the top keywords. Choose curated content according to the prevailing trends.

11. App Store Optimization 

It is a simple method to ensure that your users discover your application. This is a crucial task with descriptions, keywords, and titles to go ahead of your competitors. If your app earns maximum installs in a shorter time, then it gets a higher ranking in the app store. It is possible with the help of a marketing agency. Being on the top does not come with an assurance to earn revenue but yes it helps in it.


The above-mentioned parameters play a big role to ensure the success of your Android app development project. If you want to develop an app with the least glitches, Ads n Url is the name to bank upon. Assign it to you and we will take care of everything including features, platforms, market research, timeliness, and more. 

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