10 Restrictions Faced with React Native App Development

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React Native app development was launched in 2015 and got popular quickly among developers, business owners, and web development companies. The popularity of this framework has come to a level that from small to enterprise scale businesses want to leverage this development framework.    The demand for React Native mobile development is increasing rapidly so as its updates. The regular updates make the framework more advanced to work. Every framework is surrounded by both traits and restrictions. React Native is not an exception, it also comes with certain restrictions. And, you need a React Native app development company by your side to overcome such hard to handle challenges.    So, what are all those problems that you can encounter while using react Native? Want to explore all of them? Keep reading this blog, we will unveil all of them. reach native app development  

Problems Encounter with React Native App Development 

1. Native App Developers Are Ones to Depend Upon 

It demands dedicated dependency on native app developers. This becomes mandatory when one needs to work on the heavy computational operations in an application. Such apps compel the developers to offload the computation part to the native developers. This is one of the biggest restrictions of React Native app development.

2. Performance Restriction 

This restriction is faced when React Native has not gained complete maturity stage and developers often face issues while working with React Native development series. To combat this issue, Facebook’s React Native team says that they are working to build an architecture to eradicate this performance issue automatically. With this architecture, any React Native app development company will be able to solve the issue of bridge serialization at the same time improving communication amid Native and JavaScript elements that happen at different times. This new architecture looks quite promising. 

3. Some Components Do Not Work the Same Always

If one needs to work on cross-platform application development, it needs not to be mentioned that once an application component is written in whichever framework it will work similarly on both Android and iOS platforms. However, it is not always the case with React Native app development. Here, if some issues occur, you need to hire a React Native app developer to understand and resolve them. 

4. Demands to Learn Multiple Expertise

If you want your next app to be built on React Native, this means that you need to hire a React Native app development company. You need a React Native app developer as the app demands to switch between native and JavaScript counterparts. So, when it is time to write the code, developers require maintaining it according to the environment or platform such as ReactJS, iOS, and Android. On the other hand, you can write the same code for each platform while working on another platform. 

5. Third-Parties Reliability

React Native app development is certainly one of the best frameworks by Facebook. But there are some use cases that need to be assessed and checked for the implementation robustness. For such times, you will have to depend on resources or libraries related to third-party services. The work is in progress to resolve this issue so ensure that you find third-party solutions as it will take time to have those solutions. 

6. Navigation is Not That Smooth

Are you opting for React Native mobile development? You will be happy to know that this framework has been tested for the production environment by Bloomberg, Skype, Facebook, and more. This is in its beta phase. There are some changes in dependencies and tools between versions. In this phase, the most frequent challenges that come on the React Native developers’ way are weird such as failure of compatibility packages, hot reloading, and debugging tools. This further results in slow development speed especially for naive developers. 

7. Less Support for Parallel Threading Or Multiprocessing 

Native does not provide support for parallel threading and multiprocessing. It comprises one JavaScript thread that leads to slow performance during the execution of varied processes. Your mobile app may suffer due to this. For instance, if you require an application for live chat or video execution, then you need to rely on any other framework as it is not possible with React Native. To get support for this, you should hire a React Native app development company that will resolve such issues with experienced React Native developers. If you want any assistance for your React Native development project, Ads and Url is just a call away. 

8. Restriction posed by Abstraction Layer 

A React Native development company has to create an abstraction layer on the native platform to render better functionality. If you encounter any unexpected bug in the abstraction layer, it may invite more such bugs. These bugs are hard to explore as well as a pinpoint. With the help of a trusted company, you can follow the entire React Native app development process smoothly. You will have this abstraction layer in place. It is okay to take help from libraries or third-party services to keep the framework update and secure it from breaking. 

9. iOS Deployment Appears with Hassles 

In React Native development, you are going to find it quite annoying to test the iOS deployment if you use a testing tool other than Apple’s testing tool named Testflight. It happens as you will have to obtain required certificates as well as provisioning profiles. On the contrary, the whole process in Android is really smooth and painless except for the alpha version update. This update may consume straightly 24 hours. 

10. Gesture Systems 

Currently, React Native mobile development has a mixed gesture system. Some stuff resides in JavaScript such as PanResponder and Touchable, and other things reside in React Native along with the platform gesture system i.e. ScrollView. This means to say that if you have two of them and they are competing with each other, then this may lead to problems. The best React Native development company finds a solution by moving to a totally Native gesture system along with JavaScript declarative APIs that resemble Animated APIs. For this, React Native gesture-handler is also working on its solution. 


These were the most common restrictions that you may encounter with React Native app development. Want to cope with these restrictions with the right path? Ads n Url, a well-known React Native app development company can help you come out with these challenges with the best solutions. We have the best squad of developers to work on your next React Native mobile app. You are welcome to take our one-time free demo, check it out. 

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