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The world of Search Engine Optimization has consistently evolved with the advancement of the digital market. However, some primary principles have not changed. Many SEO experts now understand that using target keywords to get good rankings no longer works with Google. But keywords are still important for any SEO practice. Keywords tell you a lot about the users and what they are looking for. With so many SEO experts get confused with what to choose and what you can safely avoid. Several times we have noticed that Google keeps updating its algorithm which dramatically affects SEO practices. Google takes a keen interest in improving its functionalities and offering the most accurate results to the audience from the past decade. With the advancement of the Google algorithm, many old SEO hacks or methodologies may have got killed. However, some of them have become more effective. Many of these tactics or techniques are still in power and used by many SEO companies or service providers. AdsandUrl.com is counted amongst the most famous SEO companies in India, offering scalable SEO services.Whether you are a B2B marketer or a B2C marketer, your main intent must be accomplishing more search leads. If you are willing to explore important SEO hacks to drive more traffic to your business or enhance your search ranking, then this article has covered you all.

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1. Link Your Website to Other Websites

Linking your blog to relevant websites can contribute to the success of your website. Use relevant content while linking with another website to increase the authority of your web page. Link building is one of the most important parts of SEO hacks. Linking with other websites make your website more relevant and valuable. It also tracks down the traffic for you. If you are willing to link your blog with some website, you should do it by using relevant content. No authoritative blog will take interest in linking with your blog if you are not willing to link with your content.More importantly, you must only link your blog with content pages with remarkable value. If your content is valuable, then everyone will be interested to link out with you. Inform the influencers to link with you via email or posting. Link building should be targeted toward achieving quality. Many SEO consultants like AdsandUrl.com only focus on the quantity which is a wrong SEO practice. To build more trust in your blog, you should create a few but authoritative backlinks by using valuable content.

2. Exclude Everything Which Makes Your Site Slow

The speed of your site is also a very important thing in SEO. With the advancement of SEO techniques, a slow website in today’s digital market is not an option. A slow website can annoy your visitors and discourage them to buy your products or services. A speedy or responsive website is more trustworthy than a slow website. So, the most important thing for you is the page speed of your website. People are more likely to abandon a website within 3 seconds. Google pays a keen focus on the speed of the websites while ranking them. This means that if your site is slow, you are probably losing a battle for top organic ranking, regardless of your professional design or quality of the content. A fast loading website will reduce your operating cost and enhance the user experience. Exclude all the elements from your website that contribute to reducing the speed of your web pages.

3. Your users should be your 1 st Priority

Those days are gone when SEO consultants used to stuff keywords to drive the traffic and good search results surpassed the relevancy and uniqueness of the content. Today, the SEO approach has completely changed. Focus is now on customer engagement with your brand or product. Don’t prioritize Google or other search engines over your customers or visitors reading your work. Instead, create unique content for your readers and help them get the right information about your products and services. So that they can trust you without a blink of an eye. Search spiders are not humans and they will not buy your products. In the end, your customers will be interested in your product or services. Brian Clark is one of the most popular playwrights and television writers in the content marketing industry. He puts his readers first, and then search engines. No wonder why he is so successful personality who has made digital marketing a multi-million-dollar market. So, focus on creating the content which is useful for readers.

4. Taking Inbound Links to the Advanced Level

Inbound links are still considered as the lifeline for SEO experts. Inbound links encourage their sites to link to your website. When you create high-quality, engaging, and relevant content, people will be encouraged to link to your content and share it on social media. Many famous bloggers invest their money and time into creating a unique piece of content. If you are creating meaningful content for your site to link it to other authoritative sites, you will notice more people coming to your site naturally.

5. Analyze Your Website at The First Place

Many SEO experts conduct an in-depth web analysis after deciding their search engine optimization goal. Invariable, more and more people are using some famous web analytics tools, like Google Analytics and Google Search Console, to track down their success. You can have such web analytic tools to track the visitors on your website.

6. Unique Meta Descriptions

One of the most crucial aspects of SEO techniques is well-crafted meta descriptions. The meta descriptions are nothing but the first thing that the people will notice in Google search result pages. Using duplicate content for writing meta descriptions is a wrong practice in SEO. Doing that means you are not offering a good user experience. Google doesn’t allow duplicate content. Create different meta descriptions for different pages. Different topics need different and unique meta descriptions. Many online tools are available in the market to help you with fixing duplicate meta descriptions. For example, Yoast Plugins and All-in-one-SEO Pack.

7. Readable and Relevant URLs

For any SEO expert, it is very important to use readable and relevant URLs. Search engines also approve only easy-to-understand URLs. Even if you are using long URLs but make sure they are understandable for the users and search engines. Many famous content marketing sites like Copyblogger use search engine-friendly, unique and easy-to-type URLs. Following are the Do’s for any SEO consultant when it comes to using URLs:
  • Always use hyphens in URLs Block bad URLs in the root folder
  • Do not use capital letters for URL
  • Place top content in the root folder

8. Social Signals

Social media platforms are the most important aspects of any SEO technique. Social media not only drive maximum traffic to your business but also help you know the feedback from your customers. Although social signals have not added in the algorithm of Google, they still do influence search engine rankings. Social post likes, shares, tweets or pins can impact the search results. Following are the Dos for getting more social signals: • Create meaningful content for social media sharing • Use questionnaires, contests, and giveaways to get more social media shares • Take help from influencers on social media platforms • Encourage users to share your posts • Add the share button to your social media posts to encourage its visibility

9. Right Keywords for Images

Invariably, more and more readers prefer images when they search for a piece of specific information. Google has dedicated a whole section for images on its search result page. When a user will search for images, he or she will use keywords for that image search. So, SEO experts should use relevant keywords for image names or captions. No, don’t follow the approach of keyword stuffing. It won’t help!

Prefer relevancy rather than cleverness!

10. Unique Content to Uplift Search Rankings

There is no shortcut for creating unique content! The only way is creating meaningful and engaging to draw the attention of your users. Of course, this is the most challenging part for any marketer. But, if you want to drive maximum traffic to your business, you must be disciplined. Fresh content is the only key!

Following are the most common challenges that online marketers face:

• Producing unique content • Producing engaging content • Creating a variety of content • Creating effective content Search engines count unique content to be the most important SEO factor when it comes to ranking any optimized site. If you understand Search Engine Optimization importance, then creating unique and consistent content is the most important thing.Final Thoughts In this modern era of digital marketing, using the right SEO strategy is very crucial. Whether you are a B2B marketer or a B2C marketer, your success depends on the way you have search optimized your website. I hope the above-mentioned SEO hacks will be helpful for you. Create better content! Drive more traffic!

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