10 Benefits to Choose AngularJS for Mobile App Development

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We have a wide list of mobile app development languages as the list is increasing every day. It is truly wonderful that we have a wide list of development languages to opt for.    But it gets tricky to pick the one amid a wide variety?    Well, if you are on a search to choose the right platform for mobile app development, then AngularJS can be a good option being a dynamic and feature-rich extension of the JS (JavaScript) framework. Appeared in 2009, this framework got popular among people due to its simplified development process.    Got curious to know more about AngularJS? Let’s start with the definition to dig deeper!  

Want to know about AngularJS?

AngularJS is a framework of JavaScript, and it has simplified the development process of both mobile and web apps. This framework is used to create interactive components and elements of a specified application. Many development companies have said that this framework has freed their extended hours of searching the codes (they are able to achieve more targets within less time). For mobile app development, this framework offers several functionalities due to which famous names like Netflix, PayPal, and more have relied on this framework.   

Why Choose AngularJS development for Mobile App Development?

It is true that angular.js does not come with different add-ons but it simplifies the process with its simple to use features (creates dynamic pages). 

Here are some crucial and basic blocks where AngularJS works wonderfully:

  • Directives for gathering data into HTML. 

  • Event and error handling. 

  • Guidelines to enhance HTML attributes. 

  • Binding and routing. 

  • HTML and controllers rendering

  • Unit testing. 

Mobile App development Apart from the above-mentioned fundamentals, this helps in manipulating jQuery DOM libraries. In total, AngularJS helps developers to enhance HTML’s functionality. It does it by adding constructs. Moreover, it also helps to abstract DOM manipulations and modifications and makes everything much simpler.  With AngularJS, it is easy to build apps for different genres such as: Travel apps – Travel applications demand dynamic features and this framework features them and develops sophisticated travel apps.  On-demand video streaming applications – AngularJS is the perfect choice to build such apps. The most popular examples are Netflix and YouTube.  Weather applications – weather.com is the most popular example of AngularJS. It builds an interactive display and helps to perform real-time activities with good quality.  Apps for user reviews: These are the applications that provide information to the users about the actions they are interested in taking. This way, they can easily identify the best solutions and save money. Portal apps – Upwork.com and freelancer.com have been built on AngularJS. These apps can handle a huge amount of user information, posts, and data.  Apart from these apps, you can develop interactive social apps, user-generated apps, etc. So, these were the top benefits to choose AnugularJS for mobile app development.  

10 Benefits of Using AngularJS


1. Architecture


Unlike other frameworks that are known for creating only mobile apps, AngularJs allows the developers to split the apps in the MVC architecture. With this framework, it is simple to build web apps that resemble mobile apps. This is crucial for the development cycle as it enables the developers to save much time and meet the assigned deadlines faster. Also, it lowers the production time of an application. 


2. User Interface

The AngularJS framework relies upon HTML to build an awesome user interface for both web and mobile apps. This framework is your perfect go-to for designing a fantastic user interface. The developers are happy to have AngularJS as it enables them to create user-friendly and lightweight apps. 


3. Coding 


The entire process of coding demands thorough details about a language and implementing required solutions. AngularJS simplifies the entire process as AngularJS relies on HTML, unlike JavaScript. This is crucial for the simple creation of interactive designs. It goes with less coding, saves time, and decreases complexities. 


4. Testing 


Whether it is web or mobile application development, testing plays an important role. And, the creators of AngularJS deeply thought about this point. They made angular.js the right way to go as it allows the developers to find glitches, code defects, and errors. Again, it reduces the total time to complete the project. 


5. Modularity 


Modules play a key role to develop apps with better architecture, functionality, and flexibility. Here, AngularJS hoists its flag by splitting up the project in varied modules, improving the workflow, and leading to better end results. 


6. Filters


In the development process, filters keep the stored data organized. With AngularJS, you can get help from different filters such as Uppercase, Lowercase, Number, OrderBy, etc. You will be surprised to experience the results during presenting big chunks of data to the user or while creating database search functionality.


7. Speed 


Having MVC architecture and simple testing methods, it allows the developers to go with higher speed and deliver simple to complex projects faster. Due to this, AngularJS appears to be an ideal framework to develop trending mobile apps. 


8. Data binding 


Two-way data binding means that any alterations done to the earlier modules are going to be notified immediately. So, this is one of the top reasons to choose AngularJS for web development and mobile app development. 


9. Single Page Application Features


AnugularJS comes packed with lots of Single Page Application (SPA) features. This makes it easy to build and manage online forms. It creates a quick workflow for the entire team and turns the project into an easier task to accomplish. Developers also get more control over form validation features. 


10. Powered by Google 


This structural JavaScript framework is developed and maintained by the search engine giant Google. So, even a single mention of Google assures the users regarding its functionality and features. Google is dependable in each corner of the world. Digital marketing expert in Delhi use this pratice JS frameworks that operate via Google but angular.js has earned a different name. 

Comparing with jQuery 

If you are going to implement a well-known scenario where a user interface (UI) sends a few requests to the backend server. After this, it renders it over the webpage that is performing well. This performs wonderfully in both AngularJS and jQuery. However, AngularJS required the developer to work on DOM translations. The behavior and logic within jQuery that have been affecting the elements are kept together and here comes the need by the developer to separate these effects. If you need to update a particular DOM element for the backend server, the coding is needed. You cannot separate the data controller and UI data. 

By separating UI data as well as its representation, AngularJS deploys the MVC concept. AngularJS allows binding that boosts productivity. You can do it on jQuery and in the case of AngularJS, it is more efficient and smarter. 



These were the reasons why to prefer AngularJS for your mobile and web applications development. So, are you planning your next project with AngularJS? Great! Do you want to get assistance from the top mobile app development agency? Ads n url and king auto are the ventures of k2 group india  kings auto deals in used luxury cars in delhi and Ads and Url is the best name to serve your needs. With a staff of the most talented mobile app developers, we ensure high-quality and timely delivery of each service offering. Let’s share your project queries now, we are all ears!

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